Benefits of Good English Vocabulary for Students and Tips to Improve It


The better the command over vocabulary, the more the person becomes active at communication and comprehension. The words, phrases, idioms, and meanings of a language comprise vocabulary. With good English vocabulary, students grow academically as well as professionally.

Good vocabulary knowledge improves their understanding of English and their academic performance, their verbal and written communication are enhanced. This helps to become active readers, speakers, and listeners. With this, their scope and success in future jobs are ensured. Let us discuss some of the benefits of vocabulary and how students can improve in this regard.

Benefits of good English vocabulary

1. Better scores in competitive exams

Competitive exams have a special section of the English language. Here students get reading comprehension and questions related to them. On main grammar topics such as speech, synonyms, and antonyms, questions are made. We all know that competitive exams are slightly more complex as compared to normal exams. The question language and reading passages have some good English words and phrases. With better vocabulary knowledge, students can score well in both written and reading sections of such exams.

2. Improved communication

Many times we are reluctant to communicate because we have a limited understanding of English words. This affects both English speaking, active listening, and communicating. But with good command over English vocabulary, grammar, and English skills of a student is improved. With this, they become better at communication. Good communicators understand well, follow what a teacher asks, ensure discipline, and contribute to overall school management and right behaviors. Their class participation and interaction with teachers and other students are also improved.

3. A better understanding of reading material


Several times, we don’t understand the reading texts and materials well because of a poor understanding of words and vocabulary. With better vocabulary, students understand reading content better. This way they relate better to their literature lessons and texts as well. With good reading, understanding, and comprehending of the information are also enhanced.

4. Improved writing skills

All the academic subjects we study demand good writing skills. To frame good answers to write English essays, paragraphs, and other written content better, vocabulary plays an important role. With it, students frame quality sentences. They include some good words, phrases, and idioms in their written content, so it becomes quite attractive and engaging to read. Written communication is also improved this way.

5. Better career opportunities


All the professions demand people who are active communicators. With better vocabulary, one becomes good at communicating, listening, and impressing clients. This helps students in more career opportunities and future success.

Improve your vocabulary: tips for students

6. Use technology

Today with the growing technology, students have many learning resources to study and grow. To enhance their English vocabulary skills, students can use technical tools. You can use any online classroom app to access lists of new words, worksheets, and phrases. You can also access online quizzes and puzzles. By playing these quizzes and puzzles, students can check their pre-acquired vocabulary and can get familiar with some new words. On YouTube as well, you can find some great videos of people who bring you new English words on a daily basis.

7. Make a vocabulary notebook


When you work to improve your vocabulary, you get to know some new words regularly. Only by reading and vocally memorizing them, you can’t remember the words for long. To retain them, store them in long-term memory and use them effectively, maintaining a separate vocabulary notebook will help. Whenever you get familiar with any new word, jot it down in the notebook you made. This way you can revise the words from time to time and will use them better in writing and speaking.

8. Read more

Reading is the best practice one can do, for improving their vocabulary skills. With more reading, students will get to know more words, and their command of the English language can be improved. There are several reading resources that students can use. The best one is the English newspaper. While reading a newspaper keep underlining and jotting the words you find new. Don’t forget to search for their meanings from the dictionaries. Textbooks, novels, ebooks, online articles, and blogs can also be used to read and improve your English vocabulary.

9. Start using what you learned


Don’t just keep collecting new words and vocabulary. Start including them in your written and vocal communication. This will help you to understand and relate better. Usage is more important than simply gathering the words. This way your overall English speaking skills and writing will be improved.


By reading the above-mentioned information we can make out the importance of good English vocabulary for students. We also discussed the tips which students can follow to enhance their vocabulary. This will improve their overall English speaking and written communication too.