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Get the facts about the Leading Safe Course

The Scaled Agile Framework (Safe) is a wide scale upgrading system for organizations to achieve business agility in order to achieve seven core competencies of the lean enterprise.

1. Team and Technical Agility


An Agile team generally comprises 5-11 members, which can define, build, test, and work quickly to pay value to ensure time boxes called iterations. The team has Agile methods like Scrum or Kanban, or the combo of both of them.

The team starts each iteration by planning, and they can deliver an iteration planning event. The product donor provides guidance on what needs to be built by representing the customers of the team.

Every day the team meets to discuss how they’re progressing towards the day iteration goals in a daily stand out. At the end of each iteration, the team demonstrates the work that they have completed in an iteration review. Before the next iteration, the team reflexes on what they have to improve for the next iteration.

Agile Release Train (ART)

In an enterprise, multiple leaders of teamwork together as an Agile team to deliver value. In Safe, these teams of an Agile team are called Agile Release Train or ART. It includes 5225 people ARTs or cross-functional including all the people needed to explore customers’ needs and then grow in delivering solutions to the customers.

2. Agile Product Delivery

The arches are Agile Productive Delivery practices to deliver the right value at the right time. The Artworks within a time box called a Program Increment or PI, which is five iterations long.

The ART follows similar events to the teams. At the beginning of PI, all team members come together to plan their work for the PI in a PI planning event. PI planning is facilitated by the Release Train engineer to serve as a coach. Project management provides the Vision and Backlog. The system architect provides architectural guidance.

The team then plans the work for the PI, identifying what will be delivered.

A program board is used to visualize the dependencies between the teams.

Every iteration is a demo of the integrated solutions across all teams in a system demo.

And at the end of PI, all teams meet to retrospect on how to improve in an inspection and debt approval.

3. Enterprise Solution Delivery


The ART follows Continuous Delivery Pipeline uses Dev Ops (developments & operations) practices to at least be on-demand, delivering value when it is needed.

Sometimes, a single Agile Release Train is not enough to deliver a solution, and Enterprise Solution Delivery is needed. A solution train is used to corporate multiple ARTs and suppliers to deliver large complex solutions.

Solution Management has content authority on what gets built. The Solution Architect oversees the architecture across ARTs. And a Solution Train Engineer coaches and facilitates Solution Train Events.

4. Lean Portfolio Management

In order to align Strategy and Execution, Lean Portfolio management provides a way to create strategic themes and the Portfolio vision to align solution development with an enterprise strategy. Lean Portfolio Management helps enterprises to organize around the delivery and the value in value strains. As well as fund these value strains to avoid the problems typically associated with the project, cost.

5. Organizational Agility


Having strategy, however, is not enough. Organizational agility provides the tools that help portfolios achieve strategy agility and change direction quickly when needed.

6. Continuous Learning Culture

Organizing and reorganizing are about value. It puts the environment for the flow of values across the entire enterprise and beyond social development. Moreover, it helps to grow lean picking people and Agile teams. Continuous learning drives the coaches’ innovation.

7. Lean-Agile Leadership


Finally, lean enterprises on Lean-Agile leadership. To achieve and sustain business agility, leaders must embody, teach, and exhibit. The mindsets, values, and principles, which are the basis of Lean and Agile, led by example and guide everyone towards the working way using an implementation roadmap as a guide.

Together these seven competencies make both the Lean enterprise and True Business Agility possible…!

Principle of Leading Safe Course

If you want to thrive in the digital age, you can do this with business agility. And for this purpose, you have to pursue the Leading Safe Course with pro agile competencies discussed above.

The worth of this course may be determined by its core principles.

● Take an economic view
● Apply systems thinking
● Organize around value
● Decentralize decision-making
● Assume variability; preserve options
● Unlock the intrinsic motivation of knowledge
● Apply cadence, synchronize with cross-domain planning
● Build incrementally with fast, integrated learning cycles
● Base milestones on the objective evaluation of working systems

Who can pursue Leading Safe Course?


In order to get advancement in work, improvement in employment, team productivity, and quality of products and solutions, everyone can pursue the Leading Safe Course, which is discussed below. Such as.

➔ CEOs
➔ Business owners
➔ Product owners
➔ Portfolio manager
➔ Scrum masters
➔ Agile masters
➔ Program managers
➔ Project managers
➔ Change agents
➔ Engineers
➔ Consultants

Brands offer Leading Safe Courses to their employees

There are various world’s leading companies and brands that offer Leading Safe Courses to their employees. Among those companies include:

• Netflix
• Nasdaq
• Box
• Eventbrite
• Volkswagen
• And many other such biggest name

Thus, the course has been selected as a top-rated course that got the trust across the globe.

Wrapping up

To build the worlds’ leading enterprise, you have to earn a Leading Safe Course as the worth of the course is high. In the same way, getting its certificate will not be so easy.

You need to get all the information and experiences, especially of the scrum. So, you can easily crack the exam. So, the wait is over now. Just go above and beyond. A bright future is awaiting you.