Dominios Ecuador .EC – Why register an Ecuadorian domain?


An ecuadorian domain .EC is a first level geographic extension created in 1991 for Ecuador that can be registered by any person or company worldwide without restriction, except for the ecuadorian extensions reserved for government, military and professional entities such as the GOB.EC or the MED.EC domain that need supporting documentation for Internet activation.

One of the main advantages when registering an ecuadorian domain is the national identity obtained with it, just like any other geographical domain. This is very important for the identification of the origin of the content published on a website, as well as the territorial scope of its communication.

For example, a business with operations in Ecuador will prefer an Internet domain .EC to communicate to its clients the physical place where it is located. On the other hand, a person or non-profit organization that registers an ecuadorian domain will express its identity or origin of the information published on the Internet.


On the other hand, given a large number of websites with traditional domains such as .COM that have been registered over the years, searching for the ideal name in our domain for this extension can be somewhat frustrating.

A domain name based on “.COM” or under any other type of domain, is unique. Two identical names cannot coexist under the same domain extension, so it is unlikely that we will find the desired name and that it will be free for our registration.

With a territorial domain of Ecuador such as .EC, the chances of registering the correct domain for our website are much greater, since the number of .EC domains vs. the number of traditional domains such as .COM, are smaller.

At this point, registering a .EC domain if the content or information on your website is directly related to Ecuador, can be very rewarding in finding the ideal domain name.

.EC domains and search engines like Google


Search engines like Google use the territorial domain extension to better organize the results of the queries made. Although this does not directly affect or interfere with SEO positioning, it can help people to know the origin or geographic reach of published content.

A user who is looking for information related to Ecuador will always have as the first option to click the website that shows an “.EC” extension, since it will make him understand that the URL has a close relationship with that country.

It is important to emphasize that a territorial domain “.EC” will not give us an advantage in the position of the search engine results, since the algorithms used by search engines such as Google use several parameters to determine the importance of a website vs. other. However, it can help us to choose the result by the user.


An Ecuadorian domain .EC gives our website the national identity of Ecuador and will help the user’s choice of click in the lists of Google, Bing, Yandex or Yahoo search results. Also, with a .EC domain, it will be much more likely to find the desired name for our domain, especially if its content is directly related to Ecuador.

To register an Ecuadorian domain from anywhere in the world, you can visit the official site of Dominios Ecuador ECUADOMAINS, registrar agent, of Ecuadorian domains of territorial type.

The cost of registration, renewal, or transfer is located at 34 USD per year according to the information validated on its website.

Remember that the .EC domains free of registration without supporting documentation are: .EC; .COM.EC, .NET.EC, .INFO.EC; .BAR.EC; .PUB.EC; and .DOC.EC. Other Ecuadorian extensions like .ORG.EC; .GOB.EC; .MED.EC; etc, may require a support for the qualification.