What Happened to the Downloadable Platforms of the Online Casinos?

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If you are playing casino games for a while, you will most probably know that there were many casino platforms, which could be downloaded on your personal computer or laptop. Before we start telling what happened, we would like to make a short introduction to this topic and let you know about everything related to the history of online gaming, including using downloadable platforms.

Download and No-Download Online Casinos

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There are many ways of how you can play online casino games but indeed playing online is very practical because you do not need to spend time travelling or waiting for the bus.

With just a few clicks on your mouse, you will have the chance to access thousands of casino games (web-based).

However, when it comes to online gambling, there used to be two major options, whether to play online (using your browser) or to download the client on your personal desktop computer. Both options are suitable for online gamblers but they are quite different from one of the other. There is a third option too, downloading a mobile app to your smartphone but it has nothing to do with the classic downloadable casino platforms.

Download Online Casinos

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The so-called Download-Based online casinos will require the download of a software client to start playing the latest and most popular casino games. Thanks to the innovations, the software you have just installed will connect automatically to the casino service provider, which will allow you to play all titles without the need for a browser and a very stable internet connection.

There is a big difference in the speed of running between the download and no-download online casinos. The ones that require a software client to be downloaded run pretty much faster and the graphics, including the whole gaming experience is far better.

Considering the download time, the majority of players prefer to skip such platforms, who require download and there are even sceptical gamblers who believe that their personal computer machines will be hacked or attacked by malware.

No-Download Online Casinos

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The no-download online casino sites are all the websites on the internet that can be played only with a single registration, without the need to download any software or client on your laptop or PC. This means that all games will be loaded on your browser thanks to Flash or any other helpful software and you can access them only with the help of a stable internet connection. If you are wondering where you can find such online platforms, here is a list of top online casinos where you can select a casino right away.

Advantages of Using Download-Based Online Casinos

The good-old downloadable casino platforms used to have a lot of advantages but it seems that it was not enough to keep the players using them nowadays. Still, we consider these pros as something very good and huge and it is worthy to share them with you:

• Do not require a very fast and stable internet connection
• The majority of online games are ideally created for PCs and Desktops
• Thanks to the Video Card your PC has, most games are visualised with better graphics
• The sound from the casino games is significantly improved

Disadvantages of Using Download-Based Online Casinos

It seems that the disadvantages are more than the advantages when we read the different player reviews. Below we will share a list of all cons the download-based casinos have but know that we do not share the same view as our readers and the players who used to download clients to play casino games in the past.

• Bigger possibility of a hacker attack
• Vulnerability of malicious software (malware)
• Constant updates that are time-consuming
• Every new casino has a new platform that needs to be downloaded
• Platforms are always an object of glitches and bugs
• Everything you launch the platform there is a technological time before everything loads

Is Playing a Web-Based Casino Really Better?

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We cannot give an accurate answer to this question because it is strongly individual.

Recent surveys of famous agencies who posted their materials on Wikipedia as well provided the information that it is absolutely up to the players. There are some gamblers who prefer to download the platforms on their PCs, while there are users who prefer to play online on their Mozilla and Google Chrome browsers.

No matter what you really think, we are of the opinion that you need to try both options and feel the difference. Then you will realize which one is better for you.

Why Did the Players Stop Using Download-Based Casino Sites?

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Now let’s reveal the secrets behind the decision of the players to stop using download-based casino sites. We have already provided information about the pros and cons of both options.

We believe that it was pretty clear of the negatives of the downloadable casino platform and the positives. Indeed, downloading time is essential, especially when you want to launch a game faster. In addition, there are constant updates, which will additionally delay your gaming.

Though the biggest factor remains the use of mobile phones. The strongest positive of playing casino games on download-based casinos was the gaming experience and the amazing graphics you received.

Now, with the innovation of smart devices, everyone has a mobile or tablet in his pocket and you do not have to wait for something to be downloaded. Thanks to the mobile-friendly platforms all games are visible in perfect resolutions and the gaming experience is even better compared to download-based casinos.

Normally, there are other reasons too but we do not see a very bright future for all downloadable online casino sites. The majority of platforms, which were offered for download are already closed or they had been changed significantly in the past few years.

Now all of them are up to date with the latest trends and fewer and fewer users prefer to download a software client on their computers. And why you should do that when you have a smart device in your pocket that can do absolutely everything the computer does.