How Do You Know When Grease Trap Needs to Be Cleaned?


There are several factors that indicate that you should clean the grease trap. By ignoring these signs you can create big problems for yourself and even for the community. All those potentially problems are generally difficult to solve and involve high costs. Find out which situations you should not ignore.

Terrible smell


Apart from the fact that a strong smell is not pleasant, it can be very dangerous in certain situations. When it comes to grease trap, bad odor is a consequence of rotting waste that accumulates over time. These are mostly particles of food, fat and other residues.

After a while, fats and oils begin to break down, spoil and are eaten by bacteria. All this causes unpleasant odors, but also creates a small amount of heat. Evaporation leads to health risks. However, regular cleaning will eliminate dirt and unpleasant odors. This will prevent build-up and potential problems such as damaged pipes and the like.

Clogged grease trap


This is another consequence of poor maintenance. Don’t forget that the performance of your grease trap has an impact on the whole system. If this happens, you will very easily disable everything else. Invest in grease trap cleaning and maintain it regularly. However, this clog does not come immediately.

The first thing you will notice is the slow onflow due to accumulated fat and food waste.

When it is filled, the excess fat hardens at the top and a mold forms. Then the water flows very hard and there is a slow movement of waste, and eventually clogging.

Bad appearance of sewage


If you notice an overflow of sewage at a manhole near your kitchen, you, as restaurant owner, are obliged to regularly clean your grease traps. However, if you do not do that, every few months there is an overflow in the parking lot or on the street. So don’t ignore this situation.

You didn’t clean it for a long time


This is another factor that contributes to the poor condition of the grease trap. So, if you notice that a lot of time has passed since you last cleaned the grease trap, it means that you have to do it again. For example, if you don’t remember the last time you did it, you definitely have to do it as soon as possible. Schedule your next cleanup right away by looking for trained professionals. This process needs to be repeated at least once every three months.

To make sure you don’t forget next time, you can also make a regular grease trap cleaning schedule and that is best practice, Dallas Grease Trap Services owner told us. That way you will be sure that it will not be that full again. Explore online companies that can offer you great services, seek recommendations from colleagues and friends, and compare several experts before deciding on one. It is important that they have enough experience in this, because some situations can be very complicated.


You as a commercial kitchen operator have a great responsibility. Don’t forget an important part of your job, which is to maintain the grease trap in order for the kitchen to function properly. Create a checklist to help you keep everything under control if you are consistent.