5 Steps to Take if You Get Locked Out of Your House

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It’s likely that we’ve all experienced it at some point. You’re walking to your front door, planning to sit on your couch, cook supper, and be cozy at your home, but you suddenly feel panicked as you rustle the things in your bag to reach out for your keys. Now, that you have looked in your bag, pocket, and car, and can’t find your keys, the realisation strikes that you are locked out of your house.

Now that it has finally dawned on you that you’re locked out, all you can do is stand outside, immobilized, pondering your options. Even though there are many things you can do, some of which are obvious, but when you are overwhelmed and locked out of your place at an odd time, things can get a bit hazy. Therefore, here are the five steps you must take when you are locked out of your house.

1. Contact Someone You Know

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Please contact your partner, roommate, or anybody else with whom you share a residence to see if they can come home and let you in. They may find it inconvenient, but you will spend less time stranded outside your home.

If you live in a rented property, consider contacting your landlord. They will always have a duplicate of your house key and may be close enough to unlock it.

Stop by the manager’s office if you live in an apartment complex and request entry to your place. Have confirmation of your identity on hand, as well as proof that you live in the complex. However, be aware that many apartment complexes charge lockout fees if the staff is required to assist you in regaining access.

2. Contact Locksmith Services

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Although consulting a professional locksmith is not the cheapest choice, it is a proven way to regain access to your property. Depending on your situation, a locksmith’s services can cost anywhere from $30 to $60, but in an emergency or poor weather, a home locksmith is the best alternative. Locksmiths are generally on call 24/7 to aid with home or automobile lockouts, whether you’ve misplaced your keys or the key you have won’t turn. Click here to know more about where you can find the most reliable locksmith in your area.

3. Check To See Whether Any Of The Doors Or Windows In Your House Are Unlocked

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Right now, you might be unable to re-enter your home through the front door. However, this does not rule out the possibility of gaining access to your home through another door or window.

You should stroll around your house and inspect each door and window to discover if any are unlocked. While you should make it a point to lock all your doors and windows when you’re not at home, there’s always the possibility that you or another family member forgot to do so.

In an ideal scenario, you’d come upon an open door or window and be able to stroll right back inside your house. When you’re locked out of your residence, this will be the most practical and cheapest method of regaining access.

4. Take The Doorknob Off The Door

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It’s not easy to disassemble a door, but having this method in your back pocket can come in handy if you’re in a pinch. So, first and foremost, you’ll need the necessary instruments, such as a screwdriver and a drill. You can borrow them from your neighbors if you don’t have them.

The mounting screw is normally found in a tiny hole in the shaft of the door. Insert your tool’s tip, whether it’s a screwdriver, a nail set, or a paperclip when you’ve found it. Start pushing while tugging the doorknob whenever you sense resistance.

Start twisting the tool you’re using if a force is fighting your attempts. If the resistance persists, simply twist the doorknob while constantly lowering and twirling the tool. After that, you can take the knob out.

Remove the rose with a flat screwdriver. The screws are hidden below the ornamental plate. To separate both sides of the doorknob, unscrew with a driver or a drill.

After learning how to disassemble the doorknob, you might be concerned about the security of your home. You can install a lock or mortise bolt to prevent someone from shattering your doorknob if you want to increase your security against tampering.

5. Unlock the Door Using a Credit Card

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You can attempt to pick the lock on your own depending on the type of door on your property. This procedure may not be possible with some modern, newer doors. You (or your neighbor) can try to unlock the lock with a credit card, or even better, a durable, laminated card like a library card. A laminated card is more flexible and will open a normal spring latch lock more effectively.

Use a card that isn’t particularly valuable as this method can damage the card. Let’s avoid having to call the credit card company for a new card now that you’ve already been locked out. A card can work if your door has a spring latch. If you turn the handle and it won’t turn, your door is a spring latch, and it’s locked. This strategy may be ineffective if the door is also secured with a deadbolt. In this instance, you should seek a professional’s advice.


Whether you admit it or not, this isn’t the final time. You’re still going to misplace your keys. As a result, you must be ready in case it occurs again. Here are some crucial steps to follow to ensure that you can still enter your home without difficulty if this happens.

Keep a spare key in a safe location in your home. No, don’t hide them in plain sight. Don’t try to hide them under a mat or in a planter. You’re capable of so much more. Be inventive. Make sure it’s secure and only you have access to it.