How to Know if Your Skin Needs Hydration


While we are well aware of when we are thirsty or hungry, it’s easy to neglect the water requirements of the rest of our body. This goes double for our skin. Skin is the biggest organ of the human body yet it’s often the most neglected one. Dehydrated skin is skin that’s lacking in water, becoming dryer, and prone to cracks. To help you understand the obvious signs of skin dehydration we’ve laid out some important signs that showcase you need hydration.

Dehydrated skin and its symptoms


Before we proceed, it’s important to note that there’s a difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin. While dry skin can be caused by outside factors, such as harsh wind, dehydrated skin only occurs due to your body taking in less water than it is losing.

Although both can be treated through organic skincare, you should get acquainted with the causes and prevention efforts of dehydrated skin. Excessive sweating, constant urination, and other forms of water loss are all contributing to your skin becoming dehydrated.

The actual symptoms of dry skin are rather varied. However, the longer you uphold a lifestyle that leaves your skin dehydrated for long periods of time, the more prominent these symptoms will be.

One of the key symptoms is itchiness. Our skin will start to itch and receive a rougher appearance. This is usually followed by duller-looking skin, the usual smoothness and shine are lost because skin cells aren’t being fueled with enough water to properly work.

Prolonged dehydration will cause dark under-eye circles and sunken eyes, giving your face a more exhausted appearance.

These effects all go towards decreasing our overall health as the skin cannot perform its protective role without the necessary water supply. As time goes on, even if you are drinking water from time to time, you’ll start experiencing other symptoms. These include dizziness and faintness, showcasing that you are simply not hydrating enough.

How to determine dry skin


While symptoms are signs from our body that help us determine their situation, they can be easy to miss at times. Even if our skin is somewhat rougher we may not notice it at a first glance. This is why we have ways of discerning our skin’s health.

The easiest one is the pinch test. The way you do it is by taking a little bit of your skin and squeezing it. In case it wrinkles and the skin doesn’t bounce back, you are most likely suffering from skin dehydration. This way you can quickly determine if your current lack of skin health is related to hydration issues or just sudden, different health problems.

Ways to fix it


Dehydrated skin usually stems from our lifestyle choices. Consuming a lot of coffee, overexerting ourselves, lacking proper water intake are all things that can cause this issue to occur.

The first step towards fixing it is by making sure to drink enough water. While the usual guideline is eight glasses of water per day, it’s important to note that your body may be expending a lot more water. This all depends on your level of activity as well as your size. Rather than sticking firmly to eight glasses, consistently and frequently hydrate.

Remember, if you are feeling thirst that means you’ve already dehydrated. Consuming too much alcohol and coffee can easily reinforce dehydration and smoking cigarettes is bound to get your body dehydrated, among other harmful effects. Make sure to control your intake of these substances or remove them completely. You’ll feel better immediately.