How to Maximize Profit From Your Solar Panels – 2024 Guide


Sustainability and green energy are some of the main trends in recent years. Considering the issues that we are facing globally, which are related to serious harm to the environment caused by the emission of carbon dioxide, it became necessary to integrate an alternative source of energy.

One of the most popular and convenient methods is solar energy. Unlike large windmills, anyone can install solar panels at home and save a lot of money while causing a lower impact on the environment. The demand for solar panels is increasing by each year.

However, it is important to learn more about this system, install the right model, and hire a team of experts to be sure that it will work properly. If you are interested in hiring certified installers in Netherland, visit

The main advantages are energy efficiency, cost-efficiency, decreased emission, and higher value of your house. On the other hand, some factors could affect the efficiency of these panels, such as location, size, quality, and more. We are going to introduce you to some of the best options that will make solar panels highly profitable.

Is Location So Important?


The common misconception is that these panels won’t work in northern countries like the UK or Denmark. The fact is that you can get the most out of it in places with sunnier days.

However, it can serve pretty well even when the weather is often cloudy. Still, it is necessary to find the right position and angle so the panels can gather more energy.

If you have a house in Europe or the US, a solar panel with an output of 4KW can create around 500kWh over summer, while the efficiency will drop under 200kWh during the winter. Also, the part of the roof positioned to the south should have a panel with an angle of 34 degrees so it can reach the highest capacity. Other positions except strict north can also be very effective.

Manage How You Use Electricity


You should determine which appliances in your home are spending the most energy and make sure that they are using the power gathered from the panels. For instance, the oven, washing machine, chargers, and more. You can apply it to air-conditioning or heating as well. For example, charge the water heater with it all the time. Also, it is recommended to use these devices during the day when the panels provide the most energy.

Moreover, you can install it, particularly for one purpose, like heating the water in the pool.

Besides that, we suggest you replace your old appliances with modern models that have advanced systems where you can control them automatically, such as smart ovens, coffee machines, and more. The most important thing is to create a plan where you will have an insight into how much electricity is required in your home, and how to manage it in the right way to get the most out of solar energy.

Cost of Electricity and Tax Credits


The amount of energy that is required in your home is also an important factor that will help you to determine whether you need to install solar panels. Besides that, the price of installation is important as well. The great thing is that houses with lower requirements can completely switch to solar energy. It might seem unprofitable, but keep in mind that many countries are motivating people to start using this alternative by providing tax credits.

For instance, if the price of the panels is $15,000, and the tax credit is $4,000, your investment is $11,000. In case that your monthly bill is under $100, solar panels will become profitable after 10 years. While many people might think that it is a long period, you should know that the average time of the solar panel is around 25 years.

Determine the Size and Amount of Panels

According to, it is necessary to determine the required energy to be sure that panels can be effective enough. For instance, if you want to get the additional 5kW of electricity you will need 20 panels. The price of such output will be around $15,000.

Besides that, be sure to make a good plan where you will determine the use of this energy.

Also, be sure to consider the weather condition in your area. There is a chance that you won’t get so much by spending a lot of money on solar energy if your house is too big, while there is a lack of sun as well. You can still choose this option, but it is important to install it only for a targeted system.

Pay Attention to the Maintenance


With proper servicing, this system can last up to 30 years with the same panels without bigger issues. However, if you don’t pay enough attention, and there are some malfunctions, there is a chance that this alternative won’t bring any benefits. The best option is to hire a licensed company that will install and service the whole system. Also, we suggest you avoid cheap models because they might have lower quality and capacity.


As you can see, this can be an excellent option almost anywhere in the world. If you own a house in an area with the suitable weather condition, savings can be much higher, and you might manage to use only the electricity produced with solar energy. On the other side, people in countries like Netherland, UK, Germany, Denmark, and more could still get many advantages and save a lot of money. However, it is crucial to install a high-quality system and manage the usage of electricity in your home.

The downsides are high price, potential challenges in installation, and the fact that it is dependent on the weather condition. Still, if you determine that the conditions are suitable in your area, there is no reason to not install solar panels. This is an excellent long-term investment that will lower the utilities and decrease an impact on the environment.