Are Sex Dolls Better Than Real Women?


In recent times, sex dolls have gained significant attention from around the world. In fact, numerous people have purchased sex dolls for themselves. With the increasing interest of adults and teenagers in sex dolls, the question arouses, are sex dolls better than real women?

Well, the answer depends on you and your preferences. Countless users of sex dolls have determined that sex dolls are indeed better than real women. However, on the other hand, critics have identified that sex dolls do not compare to real women. After all, sex dolls do not really possess the emotions and sensations that are possessed by real women. In fact, some critics have even stated that obsession with sex dolls is not healthy.

Regardless, there exist a number of reasons why people, especially users of sex dolls think they are better than real women. They are as follow:


One of the key reasons why people think sex dolls are better than real women is they are customization. You can get any type of sex doll you want from an adult sex doll to a teenager sex doll.

From her hair to her eyes and her lips to her skin tone, you can customize it all. In fact, you can purchase a sex doll that best meets your sexual needs. It is generally not possible with a real woman. It is more than just a little difficult for a person to find a woman who meets his actual and ideal tastes. The same does not really apply to a sex doll. In the case of a sex doll, it is actually the complete opposite.

From her body measurements to the colour of her hair, you can customize it all according to your requirements. Even though it might seem costly, it can provide you with a sex doll that best suits your sexual needs. Customization allows you to adjust your sex doll in such a manner that it matches all of your preferences in an effective manner.

It can boost not only your drive but it can also provide you with the satisfaction that you often lack with a real person. In addition to it, you can dress the doll according to your needs and preferences.

Lack of Needs

Another important reason why people tend to believe that sex dolls are better is their lack of needs. Unlike a real woman, a sex doll does not have any needs. In fact, she does not really require you to give attention to her. You can focus on all of your priorities without having to worry about her. However, whenever you need, she will be ready to give you all the attention. This is one of the most important perks of having a sex doll.

In addition to it, there is no need for you to take your sex doll on a date. It means that you can save your time and your money. Even though she does not require you to take her on any kind of date, you can still role-play with her if you want. You can dress her up and you can create the scenario that you have in your mind. It is just as simple as that.

Actually, your sex doll does not care about her satisfaction. She does not really impose her needs on you. Instead of imposing her needs on you, she just cares for your satisfaction.

As long as you are satisfied, its purpose is being fulfilled. It means that you don’t have to worry about giving her gifts or anything else.

You can use your sex doll whenever you want without having to care that it would desire something in return from you because that is not going to happen.

Listens to You


Another important reason why people think that a sex doll is better than a real woman is due to all the attention that she gives to you. A sex doll offers you the company that you want. Whenever you face a tough time and just need someone to give you company and listen to all your thoughts and feelings, your sex doll is there with you.

What truly compels the users of a sex doll is they don’t judge you. Regardless of what you tell them and what you describe, they will not share their judgment. Instead of it, they will just listen to you, unlike a real woman. In addition to it, she will comfort you despite your bad side.

It would not be wrong to say that the company and the comfort offered by a sex doll are unconditional and you can truly benefit from it.

Once your tough day is over, you can just reach out to your home and you can pull out your sex doll to convey all your frustrations and your anger. In this manner, your sex doll not only cares for you but also enables you to complete your other tasks in a content manner.

If you continue to experience stress and you don’t talk to anyone, it begins to deteriorate how you manage your tasks and complete your work. This is not really the case with your sex doll. Your sex doll can be your companion and your friend whenever you want without any conditions and strings attached.

Overall, one can say that whether a sex doll seems better than a real woman is up to you.

You need to decide if she is better or not. If you really want to try, you can get the best real doll from the market. In fact, an American-made sex doll is one of the best options that you can consider. It not only appears super realistic but it also feels just like a real person.

You can get the best real doll right now and you can experience the wonders that others keep talking about. Use the sex doll to identify yourself if it is better than a real woman or not.