How Risky Are Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures


From the dawn of time and the start of modern civilization as we know it, the conscious man wanted to find the cure for death and live forever. Expeditions were taken, far corners of the world were explored, all in an effort to find some natural remedy to combat the fact that everyone gets old and eventually leaves this world. Sadly, as we now know, death is a natural part of life and so is aging. Moreover, aging should not be looked at as something negative and bad, nor should we be afraid of it. What needs to be present in our minds is to live every moment of our lives and do the most that we can with the time we have been given. However, with that being true, certain aspects of slowing down the aging process are possible thanks to modern medicine and the beauty industry.

In the modern world, there are numerous ways in which one can appear younger and have things done to their face that make them look not as old as they are. Cosmetic products like creams, balms, and oils can be somewhat useful with the smallest of wrinkles and other irregularities, but they are not enough for those looking to preserve more of their natural beauty and look several decades younger. For that, one would need a non-surgical cosmetic procedure.

Now, there is a lot of people who do not know about them, the most important being the fact that they are not the same as plastic surgery. The term non-surgical implies that there is no invasive action, no cutting, and no anesthesia. Therefore, they are much safer than people realize, and those who undergo them can confirm this. Fillers and enhancements that these procedures can give are easy and simple to inject and everything is done within minutes.

In this article we talk more about the risk of non-surgical cosmetic procedures and whether or not they are worth it. To find out more about them as well as to book a treatment with one of the best clinics around, make sure to check out

Risks Involved

Although there are no traditional invasive techniques like one would assume happen in every surgical and another type of procedure, there are always certain risks when undergoing non-surgical cosmetic treatments. The most obvious ones include infections, but that only happens if the clinic itself is doing a poor job with sterilizing their environment and especially their tools. Practically, nothing can happen to the patient unless the employees at the clinic do a bad job before, during, or after the cosmetic procedure.

One example of non-surgical treatment that has been known to cause problems over the years is Botox. If the treatment itself goes wrong, there is a lot to potentially worry about. Botox is made using neurotoxins that can paralyze muscles and therefore prevent our skin from wrinkling. If the amount of Botox is higher than necessary or if it is injected in the wrong place, the patient may suffer swelling, bruising, or both. The worst-case scenario is for the neurotoxin to spread beyond the desired area and cause other muscles to become weak and perform their function poorly. There were cases of vision loss and breathing problems since both of these actions require the use of certain smaller muscles.

All in all, most of the unhappy customers deal with fillers and enhancements that are too different from what they expected in some way, shape, or form. Their lips could look too plump afterward, or there may be an uneven spread of the filler. But again, these are contributed to the poor judgment and the poor performance of the clinic’s beauty surgeons who performed the procedure. Otherwise, these treatments are not nearly as risky or dangerous as some other things that people regularly do to their bodies.

Limiting and Avoiding the Risks


There is a lot that patients can do to prevent there ever being a risk, to begin with. You do not want any side effects after the procedure is done, nor do you want to look worse than you did before in some way. Therefore, prior to the treatment, you absolutely must consult with medical professionals and have consultations about the upcoming cosmetic procedure.

You have to understand everything that happens and become familiar with every step the surgeon will take as you are receiving the treatment and you can read more here.

More importantly, when it comes to clinics and surgeons, only certified establishments with good reputations and the best employees should be in consideration. An adequate amount of training and at least a few years of experience in the field is what you will want the person giving you the dermal filler to have. In case you are not sure about the licenses, professionalism, service, or any other aspect of a certain clinic, some online research and the word of mouth in town should do the trick. You can find people who are their patients too and have them share their experiences and give you feedback.


You need to do this because, sadly, there are clinics that want nothing more but to take the money for their services despite them being poor and borderline butchery. Uneducated surgeons tend to use fake fillers and other tools of questionable origin off the internet and claim to be using the latest in the beauty industry. This would be the worst thing that can happen and the risks there are as high as they can possibly be. Do your homework and enough of it if you do not want to repeat the same mistake hundreds of thousands of people have made.

One of the telltale signs of a fraudster, illegitimate clinic like this is the low price of a certain treatment. Prices obviously and considerably lower than the market rate dictates are enough cause for concern so ask enough questions to check the validity of the practitioners and the treatments they offer. Giving it enough time and assessing the legitimacy of the clinic is important, otherwise there is no way of knowing what you are getting yourself into.