What Is the Difference Between Google Ads and Google Local Services

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It’s safe to say that Google is more than just a search engine. The company has evolved into something else entirely over a decade.

Nowadays, Google offers a wide range of services that complement its existing services. Two of these services are Google Ads and Google Local Services.

But what’s the difference between both services? In this article, we will explain it in detail.

Google Ads – the Ultimate Guide

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With millions of people using the popular search engine, it was only a question of when will Google roll out a service that allows businesses to advertise. You’ve probably seen a Google Ad by now. Whenever you search for something on Google, you might’ve noticed the first couple of links have the “Ad” sign. This tells users that someone has paid to be there.

That, in essence, is what makes up the bulk of Google Ads. It’s quite simple and works quite effectively. This program has been around for quite some time and is part of Google’s larger Ad world. The AdSense program also allows businesses to advertise. But in most cases, a Google Ad will show on a SERP (search engine result page).

Many people ask why Google Ads even appear in the first place. The answer is quite simple. Whenever you search for something online, a service, a business, or anything else, there is someone out there looking to rank for that keyword. Businesses that target those keywords can advertise on Google and appear on SERPs.

Just go ahead and Google services such as a plumber followed up by a city. For example, try and Google “plumber LA” and see what happens. You’ll probably see a few links with a bolded “Ad”. This is essentially the rundown of Google Ads.

Google Local Services – the Ultimate Guide

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Now that we’ve explained the first part, let’s see what Google Local Services is. Anyone can search for anything from anywhere on Google. While you can very easily look for plumbers halfway across the world, it would be wiser to do it locally.

This is where Google Local Services comes into play. This service caters to businesses that advertise locally. If you’re from LA, then you don’t need a plumber from New York, do you?

You need a reliable plumber from the LA area, and you can even narrow it down to a particular neighborhood.

For businesses looking to advertise locally, Google’s Local Services is the perfect strategy to go for. But the service takes it to another level. Namely, if you get your business to appear on this service, then you can provide all kinds of information for the customer. From business hours to location, phone number, and even price range, it’s all there.

Google Local Services is a convenient way to connect buyers and businesses on a local level. It eliminates the struggle that businesses had when advertising through the search engine, by providing a means to advertise to a local audience.

Conveniently, this saves time for both customers and businesses. Both benefit from this service and that’s what makes it so great.

So to finish it off, anyone can use both services. But the difference is that Google Local Services is meant for brick-and-mortar stores to advertise locally.