5 Things to Know Before Buying a Mobile Air Cooler

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We have all experienced that unpleasant feeling during hot summer days when everything we want is just to sit and relax in a room that has an AC. On the other hand, we also want to avoid paying high electricity bills, and that’s where mobile air coolers swoop in, as perhaps the best solution. Namely, these devices not only spend much more power and are much more energy-efficient, but you can also move and place them wherever you want.

But that mobility is just one benefit, and if you were considering buying one, let’s take a look at some of the most important things to know about mobile air coolers so that you know what to expect.

1. You can put it wherever you want

The main thing about these coolers is that they are mobile, and since that’s of their biggest advantages, we can use them on a number of occasions. That means that we can put them wherever we need to cool down some air and make our stay much more pleasant. People usually think that these coolers are not strong enough because of the fact that they are mobile, but the truth is much different, and mobility does not bother them at all to cool down every room that needs to be cooled. There was a time when something had to be physically big in order to do more things or to have enough power, but technology advanced so much that today, that simply isn’t a necessity anymore. These coolers can be used everywhere, from small kitchens to big shopping malls, which is one of their biggest advantages and makes them the perfect choice.

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2. You can choose between different sizes

We all want what’s best for us, but there are certain aspects that play a huge role when we go shopping for something, and the main and most important ones are about the price and, of course, the size. Namely, when some item, appliance, or device comes in many sizes, it means that every potential customer has the option to choose and get the one that suits them and their purposes the most.

The same thing is with mobile air coolers as we can find them in many different sizes, and we need to know how big is the room we want to cool down to choose the perfect size for it. Keep in mind that buying too big a cooler may look like a good idea because it can easily cool down huge rooms, but it will not be easy to move it around, no matter how mobile it is. Because of that, it is a much better option to buy a few smaller ones if they need to be moved around often.

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3. They are not pricey

As mentioned above, price is yet another aspect that has a huge role when we go shopping. Of course, when those hot summer days come, the price of mobile ACs is much less important, but it is good to know that there are more and fewer prices mobile air coolers on the market. Now, finding the best and least costly one depends on how much time you want and plan to spend on researching. It is the first and most important thing, as doing research can save you a few bucks.

It is a basic concept of smart shopping, and the fact that the price for portable coolers can vary and go from a hundred bucks to a few thousand dollars says a lot about how much money you can save if you know where to look. Some experienced manufacturers like duravert-portacool.com are people’s favorite as they offer a great discount and their offer of mobile air coolers is vast, meaning that you will surely find the one that suits you the most.

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4. They are not inaudible

One of the biggest mistakes that people usually make is that they expect AC appliances to be inaudible and not to make any sound. Well, we need to disappoint you because it is impossible for the machine that operates by using airflow to work without any sound. Yes, certain things and appliances really make no noise whatsoever, but it all depends on what is their purpose and how we use them. New models are silent enough, and we can use them in our working place, but there is no AC without any sound, and it is not something that we can expect to buy, no matter how expensive it is.

Furthermore, for some things like electric cars, manufacturers had to add sound because of safety, meaning that since we already live in a world filled with various noises, does it really bugs us that something that actually makes our life easier and more comfortable produces a low sound or noise? Just think about hot summer days, and some minor noise is not something that will bother us because we will be thankful for having some fresh cold air, and this is everything that we should think about, as the noise it produces is close to a minimum.

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5. Proper maintenance is a must

There are different types of mobile air coolers, but they have one thing in common – no matter which of them we choose to buy, each of them needs to be properly maintained because it is the only way to operate properly. There is one crucial fact about technology, and in order to work properly, it needs to be top-notch, and for that, regular and adequate maintenance is a must. Dust is the number one enemy, which is why regular cleaning should be one of your priorities, just to avoid buying a new air cooler every year. One of the things that we need to do in most cases is to get rid of collected moisture, and luckily, there are few ways for that.

The first one is the most simple, and all we need to do is a manually empty container. Another way is to use the pump, which will get rid of the water, and the last one is to attach the hose. Some models are disposing of the water automatically, and if we choose to buy one of them, we do not need to worry about this issue. Besides getting rid of too much moisture, we also need to think about filters and clean them regularly since it is the only way to make sure that the air is clean and fresh. In this case, it’s about breathing clean air, meaning that this too should be on top of our to-do list.