Things to Know Before Your First Plasma Pen Treatment


There isn’t much we wouldn’t do regarding our looks and even more regarding our overall well-being. Now, first impressions have a tremendous impact, and those who have ever gone to some job interview are well aware of this fact. By some studies, people form an opinion about some person after only a few seconds after they meet someone new, and in these several seconds, looks play the lead role. Of course, knowledge and other personalacteristics are also important, but these few seconds are crucial in order to leave the best impression. Furthermore, going on a date can be and is much more successful when we get dressed up and prepared for a night out, as here, first impressions are also of vast importance, especially when going on a blind date.

On the other hand, everyone wants to feel and look like the best versions of themselves, and the best way to do so is to be confident, as nothing attracts other people more than that. Understandably, looks are also essential, as when we are satisfied with how we look, it affects us on a conscious or at least subconscious level, and we feel much more confident. It is basic psychology, and all this mentioned above answers the question of why people spend so much time and money on make-up, clothes, and beauty treatments.

The importance of beauty treatments


Our skin is not only our largest organ, but it also says a lot about our age and overall health. Now, we have all experienced that uncomfortable feeling that comes with noticing wrinkles around our eyes and mouth, but luckily there are plenty of treatments that can help with that. Some of those treatments are more invasive, and even though you can probably hear that this must be the case as it grants the best results, in reality, things are much different. Just take a look at a new, innovative Plasma Pen treatment, as it is perhaps the best and most efficient way to get rid of those stubborn wrinkles and other skin-related issues and is a non-invasive type of treatment. But before you go to this treatment, let’s have a look at some of the most important things that you should know about it.

One treatment is enough


How many times have you heard someone complaining about how often they have to go to some beauty salon or for some treatment? Well, that’s not the case with Plasma Pen Treatment, and probably the main reason people choose this treatment is that in most cases is enough to do it only once since the results are permanent. The change is visible to you and other people after just one treatment, and that is a huge advantage for those who are not fans of cosmetic corrections and for those with not enough time to go every month.

But what about people who want to fix something all the time? Well, it is impossible to do two treatments in less than three months, and it is definitely not recommended. On the other side, they can repeat the treatment after three or four years when they age and want to change something. There is always something that we can improve on ourselves, and this is also true about how we look and just remember that there are some time restrictions.

It is not painful


Every person is different, and no one reacts to the pain in the same way, but we can say that Plasma Pen treatment is not painful. Some people may find them uncomfortable, but it is not something that is impossible to handle. Like some people are more sensitive than others, it is the same with some skin areas, and the area around the eyes is well-known as the most sensitive one. Luckily, there is a numbing cream that can help with releasing the pain in sensitive areas, so the whole procedure is much more pleasant. If your pain threshold is too low, there is still a possibility to finish the treatment even if the numbing cream is not helping. In most cases, you will get a cookie and tea or coffee and the second dose of numbing cream, so everything should be much more pleasant.

The recovery time


This is yet another often asked question, as some procedures ask for plenty of time needed for recovery, but this is not the case with Plasma Pen Treatment, as 7-10 days tops are enough for recovery. Of course, this is for patients that don’t want others to know they went to such treatment, and that’s mostly about treatments in visible areas, but you should know that it doesn’t affect anyone’s ability to work. Namely, for body treatments that can easily be covered with clothes, there is no pain, and it doesn’t itches, meaning that you can go to work like any other day.



The first and most important fact about Plasma Pen Treatment is that there is no age restriction, and the only thing you need to do before this treatment is to consult your doctor or some other medical professional, just in case. Furthermore, there is also no need to worry about whether something can go wrong, as the only thing that can go wrong is after the procedure or, let’s say, aftercare.

The bottom line

From everything mentioned above, it should get much easier for you to decide whether to go to your first Plasma Pen Treatment or not. The most obvious answer is yes, as there is no reason not to. The only thing unanswered here is how to determine where to have this treatment. Now, there are several options, but like with most other things, doing some research is a must, especially when it is about our health and looks. What you should look for is experience from previous patients, and doing so should be easy. Furthermore, you want an experienced cosmetic professional in charge, and the best way to get that is by choosing a reliable and renowned beauty specialist like