3 Ways to Know if Your House Has Foundation Problems

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Home breakdowns definitely belong to the group of the most tiring and annoying ones. However, it is necessary that you regularly maintain your property in order for it to serve the purpose for many years (and sometimes even decades).

Problems with the foundation of the house should always be a warning sign to you because as a result, they almost always have damage and deterioration of other parts of the house too. That is why it is always advisable to take care of them on time and eliminate the surprise factor. In this article, you can read more about several ways to know if your house has foundation problems.

1. Horizontal cracks in the outer walls

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One of the most obvious signs that there has been a problem with the foundation is cracks in the outer walls. To be clear, cracks are not always a clear indicator of damage to the foundation, because the cause of their appearance can be different. Fortunately, you can determine what is happening by the direction of the cracks.

In case the cracks are placed horizontally and are predominantly concentrated around windows, we definitely advise you to consult with experts. They will be able to clearly determine whether there is damage to the foundation and what you need to do to prevent other unwanted events.

2. Floors do not have proper support

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When everything is fine with the foundation, the floors in the house are stable and not bouncing at all. However, when there are changes on the basis of the house, after a while it clearly reflects on the quality of the floors.

You will notice that you no longer stand on a solid surface because the floors do not have optimal support. If they are too soft and spongy, this may indicate damage to the foundation by termites.

In case this is your current situation we suggest you contact the Foundation Repair Winter Haven FL. They will help you discover the cause of your foundation problem and offer potential solutions. In a short time, you will have quality, stable floors that are laid on a solid foundation.

3. The ground around the house is slowly sinking

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If by other signs you suspect that something is wrong with the foundation of your house, we advise you to walk around and conclude if the ground around your house is sinking.

This is another additional sign that will confirm that there is a problem you need to eliminate in order for your home to stay in good shape. Ground sinking usually occurs when there is serious damage to the foundation which further leads to water leakage and weakened drainage.


In order for your house to serve its purpose for a long time, we advise you to take care of the foundation and eliminate all potential problems in time.

If you notice cracks in the exterior walls, sinking of the ground around the house, or bouncing the floors, it is time to consult experts and find out if there is a problem with the foundation that you need to solve as soon as possible.