6 Things You Can Do to Prevent Foundation Damage to Your Home

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There’s no doubt about it – the foundation is the most important part of any house. If it becomes compromised, you could suffer significant damages to your property, possibly even lose your house. Believe it or not, foundational damage occurs much more often than you might think. Many people lose their homes each year because of it. On that note, here are a few things you can do to prevent this from ever happening to you.

1. Clean Your Gutters

Clogged gutters and downspouts can lead to an array of problems. They could damage everything from the roof to the foundation. If the water doesn’t flow through the gutters, it’s going to find its way someplace else, and more often than not, that way is going to lead to your house foundation, and when the soil underneath your house gets overly statured with water – bad things will happen.

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2. Improve Your Drainage System

According to Foundation Repair Tallahassee FL, folks often overlook the importance of a sound drainage system, and that leads to foundational problems. If you notice puddles forming in your yard or around your house, that means that the water doesn’t have anywhere to go and that you need a drainage system.

The best course of action would be to install so-called French drains. These underground drains can help you get rid of the excess water and move it away from your property, keeping your foundations in good shape for years to come.

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3. Don’t Overwater Your Lawn

We understand the importance of a green, healthy lawn, but you have to keep in mind that overwatering can lead to a wide variety of problems. Too much water in the soil can lead to foundational issues, and we’re pretty sure you’d much rather have an average-looking lawn and a structurally sound house than a bright green lawn and no house at all, right?

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4. Keep The Trees Away From Your Home

We all like trees, but having a tree nearby your house will do more bad than good. A tall tree with a large canopy might ruin your roof, but also, its massive root system can affect the soil underneath your house, which could lead to your home’s foundation being damaged. If roots absorb all the moisture from the soil underneath your house, the soil will become dry and shrivelled, possibly leading to the shift of the foundation.

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5. Avoid DIY Improvements

Even with all of this, most damages to the foundation come from people tampering with it. If you are not a pro at this, don’t do any home remodelling that’s going to affect your foundation. There is a reason we have professionals build our homes, and that reason is not that we’re lazy – it’s because we don’t know how to do it, and they do.

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6. Perform Regular Inspections

Finally, to prevent any bad things from happening, make it a habit to regularly inspect your home’s foundation. Give a professional a call and have them come by and check out the foundation. If they notice anything bad, they’ll fix it as soon as possible, and if everything’s good, they’ll congratulate you on a job well done and leave you be.

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There you have it. Those were our tips on how you can prevent damage to your home’s foundation. We hope you’ve found them helpful.