Tyrone Dobbs Admits Kissing Fiz Was A Mistake

Tyrone Dobbs, the controversial former player who claimed to be a transgendered woman named Fizzy, has admitted that he made a mistake when he kissed footballer Fiz.

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Coronation Street: Tyrone Dobbs

The mechanics of Coronation Street have been revealed thanks to leaks and updates. Tyrone Dobbs was divided between his fiancée Alina Pop and his ex-boyfriend Fiz Stape as his whole life came tumbling down around him as a result of his decisions.

Fans were perplexed when Tyrone moved in to kiss ex-girlfriend Fiz (Jennie McAlpine) on last Friday’s episode, despite the latter’s initial refusal (August 20).

When Tyrone went to Fiz for comfort after his proposal mistake with Alina (Ruxandra Porojnicu) and Hope’s destiny before the court, Fiz expressed her sadness for Hope and said that all of her efforts for her kid had been in vain.

Tyrone, on the other hand, accepted responsibility and said, “No, you’re correct.” This is my whole family. Hope, you’re the one with the baby. Everything. I’ve basically completely ruined everyone’s lives.”

Fiz surprised him by consoling him and asking how she could still care for him after all he’d done.

“You plank, I’ll always care for you. And I know that no matter what we’ve gone through, you’ll always care for me. “Family is what it is.”

Tyrone kissed Fiz, but she paused and said it wasn’t a good idea. “However, none of this has been a good idea, has it?” she inquired. Fiz added, “Me, the way I was, the way I behaved in the start.”

Tyrone, on the other hand, calmed her down by claiming she’d done nothing wrong and that the real issue was with him. Until Evelyn (Maureen Lipman) entered the apartment, the two exchanged passionate kisses.

But it seemed that his personal moment with Fiz was only the result of his inebriation, as a sober Tyrone confessed to Kevin that it was all a mistake. Was it, however, the case?

Kevin Webster confronts Tyrone Dobbs about his love affair with Fiz on Coronation Street.

Tyrone confessed in Kevin Webster (Michael Le Vell) about his kiss with Fiz in the ITV soap’s Monday bill (August 23).

Tyrone stated in his autobiography, “I’ve experienced a moment of lunacy.” Kevin, on the other hand, smacked him in the face with the reality, saying, “So you did the dirty on Fiz with Alina, and now you’re doing the dirty on Fiz with Alina.”

When Tyrone claimed it was just one kiss and everything was a mistake, the supporters were irritated.

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Tyrone vowed, “I am completely devoted to Alina,” before racing out to purchase Alina an engagement ring.

Tyrone returned to Alina’s apartment and presented her with a lavish diamond ring, insisting, “I don’t care what it costs.” “Every cent is well spent on you.”

Tyrone, on the other hand, must be cautious with Alina’s roommate Emma Brooker (Alexandra Mardell) since she saw him and Fiz having a heated argument at the bar. Tyrone had piqued her interest since then, and she wasn’t sure of his sincerity with the pricey ring.

Will she tell Alina about her suspicions? Or will Kevin, out of sympathy, be the one to reveal Tyrone’s secrets to Alina?

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