15 Surprising Tech Facts That will Wow You

Source: youmatter.world

The world we live in today is powered by technology – digital, mobile, quantum, et cetera. However, before we reached such a high level of advancement, the human race made series of mistakes on the way.

Beyond mistakes, we made plenty of devices and services that would embarrass any tech enthusiast and tech-savvy individuals. Even today, you will find that there are numerous interesting facts about the technology industry.

In this article, we will take a look at those surprising tech facts that will leave you amazed. We have included in this article surprising facts from the likes of Google and Samsung. Stick around as we delve deep.

1.Each month, the world creates and releases more than 6,000 viruses. Most emails, as many as 90% of them contain some virus.

Source: pcmag.com

2. The logo of Firefox isn’t a fox. It is actually a panda. Do you know that Albert Einstein brain was stolen? Learn more fun facts here.

Source: prvihosting.com

3. It is faster to read on paper than on a screen. The average human reads 10% slower when reading on a screen compared to paper. Possibly, the paper format remains the best for reading.

Source: science.org

4. The average spam email sent receives no reply. There is usually one response given to an average 12 million spam emails.

Source: cloudinary.com

5. The Samsung vs Apple rivalry may be as old as the smartphone, but one company is older.
Samsung, in fact, is 38 years and a month older than Silicon Valley giant Apple.

Source: androidauthority.net

6. Doug Engelbart made the first mouse as far back as 1964. No, it wasn’t this same shape. The
the first mouse that was made had a rectangular shape and was made from wood.

Source: vox-cdn.com

7. Playing video games has a strong correlation with high achievements, at least when we bring surgeons into the picture. Surgeons who grew up playing video games at least three hours each week makes fewer errors (37%) than those who don’t. They also have a better
completion rate (42%) when operating laparoscopic surgery.

Source: time.com

8. 1 megabyte = 1024 bytes. But, how big is 1 Pegabyte. 1 PB = 1024 TB (terabytes). Do you know how big 1 PB is? The entire written works of the human race from the beginning of history till this point in every language can be stored in a 50 PB hard drive.

9. Alex’s doesn’t give you privacy. The voice AI listens to all of your conversations and stores them all in the cloud. It does this to improve your Alexa experience.

Source: developers.com

10. To the average person, 1 GB per second Internet speed is great for Netflix. But for NASA, it is bad Internet. NASA uses an Internet speed of 91 GB.

Source: itnetwork.rs

11. Until 2010, the Internet was slower than carrier pigeons.

12. Creeper, the very first virus, was developed in 1971. It was just an experiment to see how viruses can spread between several computers.

Source: opcija.net

13. Before 1995, Internet domain registration used to be free. This was before people knew just how much money the Internet could provide.

14. The origin of the word Robot comes from. Czech word Robota. This translates to forced work or labour.

15. Google doesn’t mow their lawn. Instead, they rent 200 goats to eat the grass on their
Mountain View campus.

Source: globalnews.ca