10 Ways to Support Your Loved Ones – 2024 Guide

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Family and friends make our lives worth living. The pandemic and the aftermath has affected families. For this reason, keeping in touch with your loved ones is vital.

One good deed can help someone hang on to some hope. Putting a smile on someone’s face is priceless, and sometimes it costs nothing. If you are in a position to help someone, extend that helping hand. Here are ten ways to support your loved ones.

1. Assure them that you understand

Sometimes all we need is someone who understands our worries and plight. It may be hard for someone to open up to you, and you must assure them that you get it. Hiring a Nationwide Title IX defense lawyer to help a friend can show that you are there for them.

Assurance is vital as it builds hope and keeps the person going. During difficult times, most people feel rejected and abandoned. One person who gets it can help you work through the problems.

2. Be realistic

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Sometimes we set very high expectations for others. However, they will never live up to the expectations as long as they are not realistic. Support someone by setting realistic expectations of them.

If your child or relative does not get high grades, celebrate their wins even when they seem trivial. Supporting their growth, no matter how minimal, takes off the pressure from the person.

Show patience with the person with every little step they take. Give people a chance to be who they are without any expectations.

3. Forget criticism

They may have made some mistakes, but avoid criticism. When you bring up things that they should have done, you heighten their anxiety. Showing someone their failures can only affect peace and mental health.

Whatever decisions you disagree with cannot reverse their situation now. You are their hope for redemption. They will depend on you to move forward. Support their decision and assure them that you have their back.

Show up and avoid blaming your family for anything that might have gone wrong. The best way is to seek a solution rather than remind them of the mistake they made.

4. Listen

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Listen to your loved ones when they communicate. Pay attention to their needs and offer your presence. Let them pour out their heart as you pay attention to their words.

Avoid countering their experience with your experiences. They will feel ignored and retract from talking about their problems.

Know when to be quiet to allow them time to talk. Avoid interrupting, but do not shift your attention.

Offer a non-judgmental ear and listen to their story. Avoid giving suggestions for what they should do and instead let them express their frustrations.

5. Offer reasonable help

If they lost their job or dropped out of college, it would be nice if you gave them practical help. Offer them a place to stay or help them find a job so they can sustain themselves.

If they need help from a psychiatrist, you can help them find professional help. Directing a loved one to a reliable counselor can save their emotional wellbeing.

Help them on a path to recovery that will not wear them out. The recovery plan can help someone regain control over life.

6. Money

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Sometimes receiving some money from a loved one can go a long way. It will put a smile on their face. If they are in college, some dollars can cover a bill or two.

While you may not pay off their debts or send them on vacation, the slightest amount is enough to bring back a smile on their face.

Buy them a coffee or take them out for lunch if you live nearby. Spending money on your loved ones can make them feel important and loved.

7. Visit them

Rendering your support sometimes means going to see them. Drive to a college dorm or training a camp to see and encourage them. Do not wait till it is too late to visit someone you love.

Pay a random visit to surprise them. Your presence will make your loved ones feel appreciated. One of the best ways to show love is to show up for someone.

Your presence is a precious gift that anyone will value.

8. Appreciate their effort

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Appreciate the efforts of your loved ones by acknowledging the things they do. You can start by pointing out what they have done for you recently. Also, mention any positive things they have done.

When you make someone feel seen, you elicit good hormones like serotonin and dopamine, making them happy. They will also feel motivated to focus on life.

Making someone feel good about their efforts impacts their mental and emotional wellbeing. We all seek that validation. People who lack validation go to any lengths to receive it.

9. Thank them

Sometimes people go out of their way to help you, and it is vital to thank them. Appreciate everyone around you who takes the time to help and support you. They had a choice not to help you, but they chose to be there for you. Gratitude makes all the difference.

Send them messages or call them to remind them that you are grateful for their presence. Do not forget to remind them you love them.

10. Spend quality time

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When someone is feeling low, you can spend quality time with them to help them feel better. There is no need to get something planned. A spontaneous hang-out session can give you the best of days.

Meeting up with someone and doing something together is a fun ritual. It can relieve stress and give a purpose in life. Avoid waiting for something to bring you together. Instead, find happy times to share and make memories. In the end, it is the fun times that we hold close.

Take away

There are so many things that you can do to support your loved ones. The ten things above are a headway to guide you. Practice them today, and your loved ones will feel loved and appreciated.