How to Stay Motivated as a Fundraiser


If you are involved in the work of a non-governmental or non-profit organization – then you know that fundraising is one of the basic things you will do. Moreover, teams of people are engaged in such tasks because fundraising, in most cases, is a great challenge.

Sometimes, under the pressure of everyday challenges in this business, we lose motivation. How to get yourself and your team into action and how to stay motivated as a fundraiser? We will try to answer these questions in the text in front of you.

Lack Of Motivation Can Be Dangerous For Any Job

We need motivation every day – and it is crucial when we set ourselves some bigger goals that are not so easy to achieve – but are important. It is precisely in motivation that lies the extra strength and desire that we need when we might even give up and stop trying.

However, the motivation is not inexhaustible, but it needs to be supplemented – that is, you gotta work on it to be as strong as possible. But – why does motivation disappear at all? If it is so important to us, how can we lose it? The reasons for the lack of motivation can be different – and the most important thing is to be aware of the various dangers that can be fatal to motivation – so that we can react in time and eliminate them.


No Motivation – No Goal Achievement

As much as we want it, without the right motivation and readiness to reach the goal – there is always a chance to give up, no matter what the job is. Fundraising is just one of those jobs in which motivation is crucial and constantly needed – because new challenges appear before us every day. Raising funds, animating donors, staying consistent – these are just some of the things that every fundraising organization faces every day.

Therefore, it is necessary to have a good team of people who will achieve the desired goals. Yet, we often face a lack of motivation. One, two, or three failures in a row can extremely affect the self-confidence of those who make our team. So how to stay motivated as a fundraiser?

Positive Attitude Towards Work

Fundraising is a job in which the result largely depends on your attitude. Donors you want to animate for fundraising will not be interested if you serve them just mere information. You need to interest them and show them the importance of their role in fundraising.

You need to have a positive attitude in all this, both towards the donors – and towards the achievement of your ultimate goal. Convince yourself and others that you will succeed together! Keep in mind that positivity is contagious. If you have a positive attitude, then it is a good precondition to motivate both members of your team – as well the donors who are necessary for your fundraising business.


Creatively Achieve Your Goals – Get Involved In The Affiliate Program

Although fundraising organizations are non-profit, this doesn’t mean that you do not need to take full advantage of modern digital marketing strategies. This means that you can connect to one of the affiliate fundraising platforms that raise funds for specific purposes.

Also, with their help, you can animate many potential donors around the world. It is only important to remain consistent with your goals – and not give up on the first obstacle. When you start to achieve the first results, it will be the wind in your sails – and additional motivation for further progress.

Focus On A Common Goal

Many lose motivation because they forget why they do what they do. A true fundraising leader focuses on the task of a group or organization and helps people commit to that task. When motivation is stagnant, the leader only needs to remind associates of a common goal and the seriousness of their work.


Be A Rule Model

A true leader will never ask his members of the team to do something that he himself would not want or could do. You work more and better than everyone. So make sure you are the first to take on a specific task. Don’t be indolent, but show others by your example what it means to be diligent and active – and others will surely follow you.

Set Quality Tasks

Setting tasks is one of the best ways to motivate others. To set the right, quality task, you must clearly formulate it and have clear, measurable results. For example, raise a certain amount of funds for your foundation within a certain time frame. However, the task must be realistic. So neither too easy nor too difficult, and it has to have a clear time limit.


Keep In Mind That Even Small Victories Are Important

Research has shown that it is much more effective when a large task is divided into several parts. In this way, every part of the task that is done is a small victory. It will motivate the members of your team to further success.

In addition, the very beginning of work is more pleasant, because it is psychologically easier to deal with several organized small tasks than with one huge and abstract one. These techniques, of course, are not just limited to fundraising leaders. You can use these motivational techniques to lead a business team – but you can also motivate your children, students, or even yourself.


Motivation is important in any business. However, there are jobs like fundraising where motivation is even more important. Quite simply, the nature of this business is such that you can burn out quickly.

That is why motivation is so important in this job. In a business where you have to motivate others to donate to your cause – you must not allow yourself a lack of desire to achieve the goal. Therefore, you must avoid all the traps into which a lack of will or motivation can lead you. You need to work on your motivation, so make an effort because it will pay you off.