3 Tips & Tricks for Maintaining a Healthy House Foundation

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The foundation of the house is the most important part of it. Without a good foundation, there is no good house, and therefore proper foundations are of great importance. However, they, just like other parts of the house, need to be maintained, and you have to do it properly. We’ll provide you with 3 tips & tricks for maintaining a healthy house foundation.

Significance Of The Foundation For The Stability Of The Entire House

Building the foundation is the most important phase in the construction of houses or apartment buildings. Proper foundations, above all, mean security. Namely, the value of an object can be huge, the decoration can be top-notch – but all this is in vain if an object is built on a bad foundation. Then, such real estate becomes almost worthless. In terms of reparations, a sound foundation is of the utmost importance – because everything else can be restored, except the foundations.

Therefore, when building a house you shouldn’t save money because you must keep in mind that the construction of the foundation does not suffer any failures. If the foundation cracks or moisture penetrates the foundation – you will face big problems. Fortunately, there are real ways to maintain it and if you stick to these tips, you won’t have to worry.

1. Maintain An Adequate Moist Of The Ground Around Your House

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You probably remember that during the construction, you watered the foundation of the house. This has its reasons, and depending on the area in which you built the house – this should continue.

Namely, it is very important to keep the soil around the foundation moist. Why? During major dry periods, the concrete dries and cracks. According to Foundation Repair Pine Hills, FL, small cracks that appear on the foundation can be very dangerous and spread quickly. This is typical for sanded areas, but sometimes also happens due to uneven ground.

Therefore, the best way to maintain the foundation and prevent these problems is to keep the ground around your house moist enough. So neither too much nor too little, but moderate.

2. Control The Water Drainage Around The House

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As much as drought can make the foundation start to crack – the same way too much moisture can make the foundation start to fall off. Therefore, you must have a good water drainage system around the house. Make sure your complete drainage system works perfectly because otherwise, you may find yourself in trouble.

So, make sure you perform regular maintenance such as cleaning of drains, gutters, and pipes that run through the walls of the house and can crack (especially during the winter). Before building a house, you must make a good drainage plan and make sure that the water goes in the right direction – and as far away from the house as possible.

3. Tree Rooting Can Be A Big Foundation Problem – Notice It In Time

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We all love the greenery around the house and it is a beautiful part of the landscaping of our yard. However, sometimes this can create problems for us – especially if you have large trees that are planted too close to the house. You need to know that the deep roots of a tree can branch almost as much as the canopy itself.

Countless root veins that are growing underground can find their way to the foundation ‘ especially if the tree is planted close to the house. Therefore, keep this in mind and if you notice this phenomenon – react as quickly as possible.

The Bottom Line

The fact is that no homeowner wants to have any problems with home maintenance – especially with things such as house foundations. First of all, the collapse of the foundation can be very dangerous and can bring consequences similar to earthquakes or landslides. Therefore, make sure you follow the basic rules of foundation maintenance – and if any problems arise, seek the help of professionals.