Benefits Of Playing Complex Board Games With Your Friends


People got used to online entertainment and numerous video games that we can choose today. There are all kinds of genres, and multiplayer mode is the most popular. However, there are other types of entertainment that you can choose from instead of playing video games.

Before the expansion of gaming consoles, most people were enjoying various board games, such as Monopoly, Catan, Chess, Scrabble, and more. Even though there are online models of these games, the experience is always better when you are playing against your friends in public. You can choose various genres of board games, and there are some more challenging types as well.

When the games are more challenging, it will require more time, but that means that you will spend more time with your friends and family. There are different themes available, like fantasy worlds, wars, strategy, cards, and more. Some of them might help you to learn interesting things about the history and culture of countries, like India board games. Here are the main benefits of spending time with friends while playing complex board games.

Great Way to Spend Time Together


Playing online multiplayer games with your friends can be a great way to spend your free time. However, board games provide a different experience because you are all in the same place physically.

You can talk about all kinds of things, listen to music, drink, and a board game will make an excellent addition to that. Besides playing at someone’s home, you can play in bars, which will make your time there more entertaining as well.

Improved Relations


Most of these titles require some level of team play and competitiveness. You will have to divide into groups and choose the right strategy to win. That will help you to improve the communication and overall relations by strengthening the bond with each other.

Enhanced Creativity


While video games require skills and creativity, it is common for board titles to offer different solutions and many strategies. For example, the game Concept is known for being highly complex, and the average time of one game can be up to one hour. It is perfect for larger groups of up to twelve people. It requires a lot of creativity to arrange and connect the symbols.

It Keeps Your Mind Sharp


There are known health benefits of board games. They positively affect cognitive functions, improved focus, lower blood pressure. In most cases, there is no need for intensive play, it just needs you to be concentrated and relaxed.

By playing them more often, you will improve your memory and reduce the chances of having various brain issues. Also, it is proven as an excellent way for people to get along with anxiety and depression.


We can notice the increase in popularity of these games in the last two years. The main reason for that is the pandemic and lockdowns. People had more time to spend at home with friends and families, and playing board games is an exciting way to make that time more entertaining.