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Duncan Dhu is a Scottish singer-songwriter, who began his career in the late 1990s. He has released six albums and a number of singles.

Duncan Dhu is a Scottish singer-songwriter and musician. He has released two solo albums as well as three with his band The Blue Nile.

Biography of the Artist

Gutierrez, Evan C.

El Grito Del Tiempo Duncan Dhu, a pop-rockabilly band from San Sebastian, was founded in 1984 by musicians Mikel Erentxun, Diego Vasallo, and Juan Ramon Viles. Por Tierras Escocesas, the band’s first album, was a commercial success, selling over 175,000 copies. Because of its significant radio presence, the album’s smash track, “Cien Gaviotas,” was awarded song of the year. Duncan Dhu’s second album, El Grito del Tiempo, surpassed and beyond its predecessor’s strong sales projections, selling approximately 400,000 copies in 1987. Grabaciones Oldivada, the band’s third album, was restricted to just 50,000 copies in an uncommon effort toward exclusivity. In the same year, Viles quit the band to pursue a solo career, which culminated in the publication of his first double-CD, Autobiografia. Vasallo and Cabaret Pop followed suit soon after, and Duncan Dhu was placed on hold as the members of the band pursued individual careers. With the publication of Supernova in 1992, the band was reintroduced to the public eye. The album’s release was celebrated by a massive performance in Sevilla, which drew over 120,000 people. Naufragios (Erentxun) and Realidad Virtual de Rock ‘n’ Roll were among the solo follow-up albums that came shortly after (Vasallo). In 2000, they published a compilation of their work from 1985 to 1998, followed by Crepusculo, an original studio album released in 2001. In 2005, musicians and groups such as Alex Ubago, Hombres G, and La Oreja de Van Gogh paid tribute to the band’s influence on Spanish rock by performing their favorite songs from Duncan Dhu’s massive library of successes.

Duncan Dhu is a Scottish singer-songwriter. He has released two albums and one EP, and his debut album was nominated for the Mercury Prize. Reference: duncan dhu — autobiografía.

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