Prince Andrew is Being Sued by Virginia Roberts

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 Prince AndrewPrince Andrew’s “sex abuse accuser Virginia Roberts is suing him for violence, sexual assault, and mental anguish,” according to British royal family news.

According to Piers Morgan, if Prince Andrew believed that ignoring the shocking accusations would make everything go away, he was dead wrong. “She was compelled to have intercourse with the Duke of York three times — in London, New York, and the Caribbean – on the instructions of his late wealthy pedophile buddy Jeffrey Epstein,” Roberts alleges in a complaint filed in US federal court.

Prince Andrew is being investigated by the Royal Family.

The allegation of ‘child abuse’ is based on the fact that Roberts was 17 at the time and therefore a juvenile under state law, according to the Daily Mail.

“It’s fiercely devastating in its detail,” Piers Morgan said of the case. “Prince Andrew’s actions…constitute severe and unacceptable behavior that shocks the conscience,” the court papers said. Prince Andrew’s sexual assault of a kid he knew was a sex-trafficking victim when he was about 40 years old beyond all conceivable limits of decency and is unacceptable in a civilized community.”

The complaint continues by accusing Prince Andrew of “publicly pretending ignorance about the extent of Epstein’s sex-trafficking enterprise and compassion for Epstein’s victims” before refusing to assist with the FBI.

The FBI has questions for Prince Andrew, according to royal family news.

The documents go on to say that Roberts was “compelled to participate in sexual activities” with the Duke “due to explicit or inferred threats by Epstein, Maxwell, and/or Prince Andrew.” Because of their strong connections, money, and influence, she reportedly “feared death or bodily harm to herself or others, as well as other consequences” for defying Epstein, Maxwell, and Prince Andrew.

Andrew’s acts, according to the complaint, “constitute sexual crimes as defined in (New York law), including but not limited to sexual misbehavior as defined (as) rape in the third degree and rape in the first degree.”

Andrew’s actions included “forcible touching, third-degree sexual abuse, and first-degree sexual abuse,” which caused Roberts “severe emotional and psychological anguish and damage.”

Prince Andrew Is The Queen’s Middle Son, According To Royal Family News

“As a direct and proximate result of Prince Andrew’s criminal acts, Plaintiff has in the past and will in the future continue to suffer substantial damages, including extreme emotional distress, humiliation, fear, psychological trauma, loss of dignity and self-esteem, and invasion of her privacy,” the middle son of the reigning Queen of the United Kingdom is further described.

News from the Royal Family: How Many Times Has Queen Elizabeth Been Assaulted?

August 11, 2024 — SOS/CTS/HH (@SoapOperaSpy)

“I am holding Prince Andrew responsible for what he did to me,” Roberts, who now goes by the married name Virginia Giuffre, told ABC News. The wealthy and powerful are not immune from being held accountable for their conduct. I hope that future victims will realize that it is possible to recover one’s life by coming up and seeking justice rather than living in quiet and fear.”

“I did not make this choice lightly,” she said. My family comes first as a mother and wife. I’m well aware that this move may expose me to additional assaults from Prince Andrew and his henchmen. But I felt that if I didn’t take action, I’d be letting them down, as well as victims all across the world.”

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