Manual or Automatic Coffee Machine – Which One Is Better – 2024 Guide


If you are the type of person who cannot imagine their morning without a cup of coffee, you have definitely thought about getting a machine so you can do your cups at home, instead of being dependent on the shops.

To make the perfect coffee, you will need the machine, and good coffee as well. There is a bid dilemma between which machine you should invest in, and it is highly dependent on your needs and taste. However, in the text below, we will tell our opinion on which option is the best and why you should get that one. Besides the coffee-making device, you will need a few more things to make everything great. The first thing is the beans that should be up to your taste, and a grinder so you can grind the beans to a proper size for best results.

What is actually a coffee machine


This is basically a machine that is specifically made to prepare the espresso in the best way possible. These machines have components in them that help the process or essential ones without which nothing can be done. The first thing that it needs is water in both aggregate states, steam, and liquid. The steam is really important for the preparing process, and the water has to be at a certain temperature to make results that you will be proud of.

Another thing that is essential is the pressure that has to be applied to the dozer so the extraction can be perfect. All these things are already known, they just have to be implemented perfectly to make the best product. When preparing the drinks, you should pay attention if the machine is achieving these parameters, if not make sure that you fix it.

Differences between the options


The first option is the manual one. Many people enjoy using it because you have the whole process in your hands and if something is not how it is supposed to be, it is your fault. The difference between this option and the other ones is that you will have to apply the pressure yourself, using the handlebar on the front of the machine.

The second option is the automatic one. Many coffee shops prefer this one because this way you can be more efficient and make more drinks at once. Instead of a bar that you have to press, you have a button that you press and that is it. One good example of an automatic machine is the Jura Giga 5.

Under the automatic name, there are options where you can have your beans ground and all you have to do is to press the button and enjoy your drink, while there are others where you have to grind it yourself and then use the machine. Another option is a machine where other than having an option for making the drink, you can stop it at any time, having more control over the process and that is why some people use this type.


It is really hard to tell which option is better, it is highly dependent on you, and your taste. Don’t be afraid to choose whatever you think is great, and have fun preparing things.