What Is the Average Settlement for a Car Accident With an Injury?

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Having a proper insurance policy for your vehicle is crucial since it will protect you in case of an accident. It will cover the expenses in case that you were responsible. If you were got injured during a car crash, the first thing to do is to find a good lawyer.

If you are interested in hiring a lawyer with proper experience in car accidents, check out Macon Car Accident Lawyer. There are different factors included when it comes to calculating the amount of money that you can get as compensation. We are going to analyses more about the average settlement in the following article.

How to Calculate the Amount?

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You have to know that you will have the right to proper compensation even if you have only some minor injuries. The most important part is to visit the hospital right after the accident and get a report on your injuries so you will have clear evidence on the court, and there will be no way for the insurance company to reject your claims.

Also, it will be easier if you decide to take legal action against another person. The main factors that are important for calculating the settlement are medical expenses, pain, money lost during recovery, and more.

When it comes to medical expenses, you should keep all records and bills to provide more details on the court. The crucial information is the time spent in the hospital, along with the type of treatment, additional procedures, and transportation expenses.

Moreover, if you had to stay in a hospital for a longer time, you can add that you lost money since you were unable to work during that period, and that will be also added to the account and increase the compensation.

Finding the right amount of money that will compensate for the pain is more complex. It depends on how serious the accident was, were there any fatal injuries of other people in the accident, are you permanently damaged, the possibility for developing mental issues, and more.

Total Amount Depends on these Factors

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According to the statistics, the average settlement is around $19,000 for injuries and around $5,000 for car repairs. More serious health issues and bigger damage to the vehicle will lead to higher compensation.

However, you will need a good lawyer so you can be sure that you will get the right amount. Besides that, you should know more about the actions you must take right after the accident, and make the process on the court much easier in your favor.

In that matter, you should take photos, find people who can be your witnesses, provide medical reports, and more.

Last Words

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As you can see, the best solution to get the most on the court is to hire a professional with experience in this field. The total amount can be different from case to case, and it depends on how serious were the injuries, are there any permanent health issues caused by the accident, what is the level of damage on the vehicle, and other factors.