How To Choose The Right Color For Your Wig – 2024 Guide


For centuries, wigs have been associated with judges, people suffering from hair loss, or reserved for some performance. However, for years wigs have been one of the biggest fashion trends. Of course, we are not talking here about those poor-quality synthetic wigs of striking colors. We are talking about wigs worn by many celebrities without even knowing it. Take JLo and Ariana Grande for example – do you really think it’s their natural hair? It is natural – but a wig. What we want to say is that with the right wig or hair extension you can look very sophisticated, but it is important to choose the right one.

Wigs made of real and synthetic hair can be found on the market. Of course, we always give preference to real hair, because it can be styled, cut, and dyed. A natural hair wig will fit so well with you that no one will ever suspect that you are wearing it. Of course, we can say that there are no quality synthetic ones. But what makes it different from natural hair is that it does not suffer from high temperatures, so in that case, forget about straightening or curling your hair.


Ok, now you have definitely decided that a wig is exactly what you need and you are ready to set aside a slightly larger amount that is in perfect proportion to the quality. Now you are interested in the following – whether to buy a wig with long or short hair, with bangs or without? This is a matter of your taste. Maybe you have long hair all your life and don’t dare to shorten it, even though you really want to see how your ultra-short hairstyle looks? Then buy yourself one. If your hair is of medium length, our advice is to choose a wig with ultra-long hair. In addition to the fact that long hair is always in, with this choice you have countless possibilities – you can style it in several ways, and then when you get bored of long hair, you simply shorten it and get a completely new look.

When it comes to color, it is best to take some natural shades that are similar to your hair color. That way, the wig will fit perfectly with your hair so no one will even know you are wearing it, and you will have incredible volume. If we talk about hairstyle trends, we will notice that various hair coloring techniques, that is, the transition of color from darker at the roots to light at the ends, are very popular. Yes, we are talking about the balayage technique which is currently the most popular. There are wigs with this color as well. In this case, make sure that the color at the scalp matches your color. You can find more about it if you visit


How to choose the right hair color? It is not only the one you like but also the one that will suit you well, and that largely depends on the undertone of your skin. In addition to the basic brown, blue, red, or black hair colors, there is an infinite number of shades that make choosing the right one complicated, but on the other hand, you have the opportunity to guess exactly the one that suits you best. Hair color, as well as clothing color, can drastically affect the look and make you look fresh and full of energy or even gray and dull.
The choice between blue, brown, black, or red hair color is difficult enough, and then the choice of the right shade of that color follows. Fortunately, today we already know many tricks by which we can get much more than we hoped. The strands will thus give the impression of fullness and density to thin hair, while modern coloring techniques will achieve a natural look.

The brown color will go well with those whose natural hair color is gray, and it lacks the intensity with which it would shine. Maintaining brown shades is very simple and is ideal for damaged hair as it reflects light and conceals cracked ends. If you have a hairstyle with sharp lines and almost the whole is approximately the same length, choose a deeper shade of brown without the addition of other tones. For layered haircuts, it is recommended that the ends be a little lighter than the rest of the hair to emphasize the shape of the hairstyle. As the most popular shades, hairdressers suggest either darker shades of brown or light that draw a little on the color of honey.

Lighter tones are recommended for people with a light complexion, as dark colors such as black or red could overwhelm them.


If some hairdressers find that there is the right shade of red for every woman, it best suits women with a pink complexion while women with a yellowish or olive complexion will find it harder to find the right shade of red. Given the intensity of that color, women who choose it must wear it confidently because red attracts more attention than any other color. Therefore, the red color must be accompanied by a certain temperament.

When choosing a wig, it is not enough to just choose the color and shape that suits you, moreover, you can change it. What is more important is its size. A good wig needs to fit perfectly on your head so you don’t feel like it will move or it will save you. Before buying, measure the size of your head and only then decide to order. If you are already in the store, try it before buying.

Most importantly, wigs should be maintained as well as natural hair. Therefore, there are certain preparations and ways to care for synthetic and natural wigs. Also, synthetic wigs should not be blow-dried or styled with a hair styling device, while human hair wigs have a completely natural look and can be treated with styling appliances.