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Bianca Peters (born February 2, 1971) is an American television personality from Los Angeles, California. Bianca Peters is a television personality from Los Angeles, California. Bianca Peters gained fame after she became an American Idol contestant during Season 2 in 2002. Before she was on American Idol, Bianca Peters had her own show on FUSE TV called Bianca Peters TV where she interviewed celebrities, and did a lot of entertainment segments. Her husband is Simon Rex. Bianca Peters Net Worth is $1.5 Million Bianca Peters is famous for Bianca Peters, her husband, and her children.

Bianca Peters is an American Idol alum and still has a strong following from her time on the show. Bianca Peters Bio, Age, Husband, Ethnicity, Linkedin, Family, Net Worth Bianca Peters is an American Idol alum and still has a strong following from her time on the show. She’s also been married to her husband Michael Peters since 1999, and they have two children together.

I am Bianca Peters, and I am a beautician by profession and a television personality by choice. I am also a mother of three lovely kids and a wife of one handsome husband. I was born on 22nd June 1973 in North Carolina, United States of America. I have been in the limelight since 2004, when I started appearing in various TV shows. I am now a popular celebrity, thanks to my first husband, Hill Harper. We were married for eight years, and then we got divorced. I am yet to find my soul mate. I love my kids, and would do anything for them. My children are very important to me, and I will always care for them. I have two sons, Aidan and Ryan,

Bianca Peters Bianca Peters is a model and actress.

Biography of Bianca Peters

Bianca Peters is an American journalist who is most known for her work as a reporter and traffic anchor on the CBS3 Miami television program. She is now co-hosting Good Day Wakeup on Fox5 NYC weekdays from 4:30 a.m. – At 7:00 a.m. In addition, she has a sizable Instagram following, with a low of 18k followers.

Bianca made news in 2018 after hanging out with Danny Amendola, an NFL quarterback.

It’s no wonder that the young star wanted to play professional football after growing up in a household of football fans. Bianca had professional players for uncles and cousins, according to history.

Bianca enrolled in California State University and earned a bachelor’s degree in communications. She moved to Minnesota shortly after to pursue a career in sports. This eventually led her to prefer reporting football than playing it.

Bianca worked for College Beat, a student-run television station, while still in college. She was in charge of producing and hosting numerous events, including a weekly college football program.

She went on to work at a number of TV stations and sports sources after that. Bianca, for example, worked for ESPN, where she covered the X-Games. She subsequently moved to TBN, where she became a co-host for JUICE TV, a lifestyle show. Bianca went on to work as a morning show anchor and reporter for KOBI, NBC5, KOTI, and FOX 26, among other stations.

She went to CBS4 News in October 2014, where she worked as a traffic reporter, a job she still maintains.


Bianca competed in the Miss Malibu 2010 beauty pageant in 2010 and won the title. What’s more intriguing is that she entered the tournament on a whim, with just her parents and grandmother as guests. This victory meant so much to her that she went on to become one of the top finalists in Miss California 2010.

Bianca also has Jacob Elordi and Emma Stone as screencast favorites. She enjoys shopping and traveling, with Paris being her favorite destination. In addition, her preferred color is black, which is an obvious choice for a sportswoman.

Bianca Peters is a woman of a certain age.

Bianca Peters’ age is unknown. As of April 2024, Bianca is 30 years old. Bianca Castillo Peters was born in Miami, Florida, United States of America, on April 1, 1991. Every year on April 1st, she celebrates her birthday.

Husband of Bianca Peters

Bianca is now dating Danny Amendola, a well-known American football player who plays for the Miami Dolphins. Danny has also dated Kay Adams, a sports broadcaster.

Family of Bianca Peters

Bianca grew up in a household of football players and fans. She always aspired to be a professional player growing up in such an atmosphere. Her uncles and relatives, to name a few, are well-known players. We do not, however, have exact names. She went on to say that her grandma painted the Dallas Cowboys emblem on her face. Peters is of white ethnicity in the United States.

Bianca Peters has a LinkedIn profile.

From September 2016 until the present, Bianca has worked as a News Reporter for CBS News, according to her LinkedIn page. In addition, her LinkedIn page says that she worked for NBC News as a Morning Show Host from March 2015 until March 2016. Please see her LinkedIn page for additional information. Bianca is on LinkedIn.

Bianca Peters has a net worth of $1 million.

As of 2024, Bianca’s net worth is projected to be between $1 million and $5 million. Her income is mostly derived from her work as a journalist.

Salary of Bianca Peters

Peters is paid a salary of about $50,000 each year.

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