8 Virtual Date Ideas That Your Partner Will Love

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Long-distance relationships are one challenging phase of life. Nobody likes being in a long-distance relationship. But circumstances might throw challenges at you and your relationship. But, if you are truly invested in your relationship, there are plenty of ways to make long-distance work.

One of the prevalent methods of keeping up with long-distance relationships is by virtually dating. You read it right. Virtual dating is a widely popular form of dating that helps couples see each other and do things together but in a slightly different way. Here are some interesting ideas that can be inculcated to plan a great virtual date.

1. Movie Dates

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This is probably the most common way of virtual or real dating but is extremely enjoyable. On a virtual date, you can set up and watch a movie together. You can choose to watch any film you both enjoy equally so that one of you doesn’t get bored. Communicating platforms that ensure screen share, as well as webcam, is necessary.

Remember, a movie date is a way to spend time together and watch a good movie. The prior motive is to be with your partner rather than just focusing on the movie. So it is better to keep interacting between the scenes. You can choose to discuss the scenes or share something personal that brings you closer.

2. A fancy date

A fancy date can give both the people involved an opportunity to put in the effort and feel the event. To have a successful virtual date, the couple has to put effort and make it feel like a real date. This is a vital aspect that sends a message to your partner that you care about spending time together.

Some tips to bring in the vibe in a fancy virtual date can be getting dressed up, making your favorite food, putting up some romantic lights, pouring your favorite wine, etc. All of these can be a great contribution in creating the vibe with personal space and choice of elements. If you feel like spicing things up, you can try video calling through likemynudebody.com.

3. Cooking dates

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One of the great ways to make a virtual date interesting is by cooking together. Both of you can choose a recipe for your common favorite food and cook it. While cooking the food, interact, joke around, guide each other and finally serve the food. This is a fun activity even friends can do in a video call.

Choosing the same dish for preparation makes the date more interesting as both of you will have a common purpose and a common matter to talk about. Guiding each other in cooking and experimenting with the recipes can also become a potential topic of interest.

4. Play online games together

There are a plethora of online games that are played with others in real-time. Some of the battlegrounds games and other thrilling games let you talk with other players. If you and your partner are interested in games, then this is a great way of virtual dating. Thrilling games can give you a way out of the normal romance and completely enjoy your time with your favorite person.

Being competitive while playing games is best to make it more thrilling and purposeful. You get to spend time together and enjoy it at the same time. You can plan weekend game dates and also invite some friends to upscale the thrill.

5. Deep talk dates

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Sometimes a person needs to just listen to the other person’s stories and their life and then tell yours. Deep talks are extremely important in any relationship that must be done from time to time. This also helps one to understand the other person better. This is a very basic tip but highly impactful.

Once you are comfortable with each other sharing deep tales, your bonds will get stronger, and the long distance will become less difficult.

6. Music sessions

One of the great ways to enjoy a date with your loved one is to listen to great music together. Explore new music, share your personal favorites, attend concerts, etc. You can also decide to have a karaoke session and have a blast of a virtual date. Sing along and dance along.

Music is a great way to connect. While attending concerts, you can order your favorite food and keep the webcam on so that you can see each other. Be together virtually with a person but feel that he/she is with you. The thought makes a lot of difference and can strengthen your feelings towards each other.

7. Friends night

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This might not seem like a perfect date, but friends do have a lot to play when it comes to strengthening relationships and avoiding boredom. It is natural to get bored sometimes with virtual dating and talking about the same things all day. So, inviting friends and having a great talk or game session can boost the dating experience.

To make it more date-like, another couple can also be invited, and a double date can be organized. Everyone is doing the same thing, but together. Interacting closely with other couples can lend you more valuable perspectives towards understanding relationships.

8. Create art

A virtual date can also be made special by creating art with your partner. While creating art, you can converse about great artists, their creations, philosophies, interesting psychological theories, and many more. This kind of virtual date will not only increase your knowledge but also give you new standards to look upon.

You can choose to paint canvases, a youtube painting following the same steps, or paint each other. Art has a subtle language that speaks intellectually to a person and can be a great medium to understand your partner and their mind.


There are several ways to make dating interesting and your relationship special. It is challenging to make a relationship work when two people are miles apart and can only connect through a webcam, but not impossible. Belief and faith in your relationship and the adequate amount of effort are what you need to make it perfect.