What Causes Truck Blind Spot Accidents? – 2024 Guide

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Every object in the world, including motor vehicles, has blind spots that limit visibility at some point. That’s why there are rear mirrors, but they aren’t much help in cases of blind spot accidents, that are caused by the truck driver, or another person. The trucks are huge, and they have more blind spots, which makes conducting much more difficult than driving a car. The vehicle is larger and may hide a lot of the road behind you too.

Even though it’s not the most common truck accident, a lot of people have died on the roads, or are hurt because of this type of accident. For a long time, it wasn’t recognized as a separate type of accident, but a lot of countries adopted their laws, so they can know what to do, and how to cope with this situation. It all starts with educating the drivers to recognize the difference between driving a car or some smaller vehicle and conducting a truck. Most of the truck models come with 18 wheels – which is quite a lot. That’s a huge vehicle, heavy too, and requires trained people to drive it. A usual person won’t even know how to start it.

But, no matter how educated and skilled are they, the blind spots exist, and they are located in critical spots, like below the windows, or the back of the truck. No matter how big are the rear mirrors, sometimes blind spot accidents can’t be avoided. As we said, a lot of people lost their lives on the roads, but keep in mind that truck drivers aren’t always guilty about that.

Knowing that the trucks can be pretty difficult and limited, a lot of attorneys decide to work strictly on blind spot accidents and support the drivers in case something bad happens. In many cases they aren’t guilty, because they need to go from point A to point B, they drive slower, and use the rightest side of the road – which means it’s a matter of accident, or the other one is guilty of that.

Why it’s riskier to drive a truck?

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The usual car has windows all around, and it’s pretty visible from all the sides – left, right, front window, and back window. But, trucks are very limited, first, because the vehicle is very long, and also because they are taller, and they don’t have back windows, and the same rearview windows, so they can look back at what’s happening. That’s why the truck drivers should have a license for that, and proof of their training, so they can get in it, and go on an open road, without putting everyone else’s lives at risk.

Truck drivers shouldn’t drive too fast, so they can help the other people around to adapt to the situation, and be more careful. They must check the blind spots regularly, because, at any moment, a car may appear and cause a situation that can be risky for all of them.

Since they are heavy and big, a usual car doesn’t have a chance to avoid the critical situation, especially if they are in the blind spots of the truck. That’s why a lot of car drivers aren’t careful, because they think the truck driver has control over the situation, but now it’s the right time to educate them about the potential risks because of their behavior on the road.

Most common injuries in truck accidents

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First, the car will suffer the most. Bigger vehicles have more chances, but cars and motors practically collapse in front of the trucks. Sadly, a lot of people died because of that. And surely, the guilt is not on them, but also it’s not on the truck driver too. That’s why a lot of laws are adapted and adjusted, so they can cover these accidents properly.

If the car or motor passengers somehow survive, they are likely to suffer bone fractures, scars because of the broken windows, neck and back injuries, spinal paralysis that can be temporary or permanent, head injuries, including brain trauma, or even internal bleeding that is very dangerous.

Compensation and in which cases it can be used

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There are a lot of “if” and a lot of “why” in truck accidents, and knowing that the drivers have a lot of limitations on the road, all the guilt can’t be put on them. But, the attorney can set a deal with the insurance companies and those who suffered (or their families), so the compensation covers medical costs, rehabilitation, the damage of the car, the funeral if the person dies, or the price of the quality of their previous life they can lose after the accident. The family of the person who is injured or died in a truck accident can have certain economic benefits. Since most of the trucks are owned by companies, in many cases the company will have to pay them for their suffering and everything that comes with that.

That means they must have an attorney on call if they perform a critical job like this. It will help them in cases of wrongful death suits, and the attorney will suggest to them how to cope with the whole situation. But, also the families who suffered loss can hire an attorney, to sue the driver or company, because they are those who suffer because of that accident. There is always a chance to set a deal if the attorneys explain the aspects and conditions, and why the accident happened in the first place.


As you can see, the truck driver is not always guilty of accidents. It can be a case of unwanted mistake that can cost a lot of lost lives and a lifetime of suffering for those who survive. Every truck company should always have an attorney, just in case, that will help them in potentially dangerous situations. On the other hand, every driver should be aware of the risks all the time. That’s the only way to prevent this type of accident.