9 Most Famous Celebrity Tiktokers You Need to Follow in 2024

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Since TikTok has been recognized as one of the most rapidly growing apps available on the market, you would be considered an obsolete and, we dare to say, a sort of boring person if you were not familiar with how it works. It literally has content for everyone which justifies that it is on a trend that goes nowhere but sky-high, and it does not seem to change its direction anytime soon. Now, what you should do is to decide who to follow, since there is so much interesting content and not as much time as we are happy with, thus, read the following lines and learn which are the most famous celebrity TikTokers you need to follow in 2024.

Will Smith

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There are so few spheres of the show business that Will Smith has not been a part of that we can easily say that he is an all-around star. Namely, he has made a name for himself both as an actor and a singer, while writing screenplays and producing movies is where he puts his focus nowadays. Although he has an active YouTube profile, you can also follow him on TikTok and enjoy his short videos about his more than rich movie and rap career.

Avani Greg

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If you were using TikTok back in 2019, then you must have heard and seen Avani Greg, since that is when she won the Shorty Award. Not surprisingly, she has continued to supply her followers with amazing content and remained one of the most famous influencers you would like to follow if comedy and dance are your cups of tea. Besides being an influential TikToker, she also stars as Gemma, in Chicken Girls.

Nathan Apodaca

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If you have heard Fleetwood Mack’s Dreams recently after a while or even the first time ever, the chances this guy is the one to blame for it are major. Namely, Nathan Apodaca emerged in the TikTok scene while lip-syncing his favorite song while skateboarding to work. Nathan got lucky because the right people have seen him and shared his content. Although there are numerous talented creators, they often struggle with having as many followers as they would like, not knowing they can enlarge their auditorium and test TikTok followers for free easily. Now you know the secret.

Spencer X

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Knowing how to sing is one thing, but being able to produce the sounds Spencer Polanco Knight does and combine them into a composition as he can is something from another planet. Thus, if the top of the tops from the beatboxing world is what you would like to watch and hear about, feel free to follow the guy who has already made a name for himself by working with Alicia Keys and Sean Kingston. The content he has in stock will most definitely not disappoint you.

Bella Poarch

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Although there are some intrigues regarding her real name, military service experience, and her real age, Bella is still the one who has updated the most liked video, ever! After all, people enjoy controversies more than they are willing to admit. Thus, check her out and enjoy the material she has to share.

We are positive that you will enjoy watching the content shared by the individuals mentioned in the lines below. The catch is solely to find what suits you and your wants and needs best, and these guys are both aware and capable of delivering it. Thus, enjoy!

Addison Rae

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Wanna know who earns the most on TikTok? If the answer is affirmative, then feel free to follow Addison Rae. Not because she has found her money fountain, but because she has some unique content more than 80 million people cannot wait to see. Thus, if you want to check out why her numbers have been skyrocketing for quite some time now, feel free to enjoy her dance moves and other one-of-a-kind materials she shares with her followers.

Michael Le

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You do not cooperate with Jason Derulo if you are not a person worthy of the attention of millions. We might not be, but justmaiko certainly is. He has won the hearts of many not solely by performing numerous choreographies with his TikTok dance group called Shluv Family, but also because he films ridiculously funny videos featuring his younger brother. There is nothing you will not like about this individual and he will be worth any minute, or hour, you decide to spend on his profile.

Loren Gray

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It would be unimaginable to write an article about the most influential TikTok celebs without mentioning Loren Gray because she has all the qualities a young rising star should have. Besides having more than 50 million followers and rising on TikTok, she has been an active member of other popular social platforms. Watch her perform and see why her fan base is steadily growing while she sings, dances, acts and publishes amazing video materials cherished for the original approach and enhanced charisma she enhances them with.

Charli D’Amelio

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If we could say that Loren Gray was the queen of TikTok, then we would be more than right that Charli has been doing great as her rightful successor. Charli D’Amelio has been dominating the network for more than a year now, and the content she shares with more than 119 million of her followers assures us that this trend is not going to change in recent future. Thus, if anyone should be on this list, it is her, since she is one of the first to reach the celebrity status via TikTok, so we can also say that it was meant to be for the platform and her royal TikTokness. Jokes aside, but you will not waste your time by following her, since there is a reason for her unparalleled popularity.

We are positive that you will enjoy watching the content shared by the individuals mentioned in the lines below. The catch is solely to find what suits you and your wants and needs best, and these guys are both aware and capable of delivering it. Also, be aware that the list is not finite, and it can be changed anytime, considering how fast the number of fresh new TikTokers share their interesting videos and amazing ideas. One way or another, have fun following the selected few we have paid homage to today because they set and surpass standards daily.