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Alex Telles and Priscila Minuzzo have been married for several years now, and they have the kind of love that lasts forever. Over the years, they have taken many romantic trips, but the one that sticks out the most is their stay in Italy. The two shared a home in the Italian countryside, where they spent their days enjoying the beautiful sunshine and the Roman countryside.

Priscila Minuzzo is an Italian model and wife of soccer star Alex Telles. She is also the daughter of the former Brazilian footballer Jorginho Paes.

Ever wondered who your husband or girlfriend’s rich wife is? Wondered how she fell in love with Alex Telles? Wondered why she helps him walk on water? Well, know everything about her and her way of living! Read on the juicy details about her life, her career, her marriage, her family and everything you’d ever want to know.

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Alex Telles was once one of the best left-handed defenders in the world. He played for Porto Portugal in the past and now plays for Manchester United. You may have seen his Instagram account filled with pictures of him in a football jersey. His prowess on the football field has earned him several awards over the years, but this article is not about him. If you scroll down on his profile, you’ll find the one mentioned in this article. This is the woman who supports him and many others, his wife, Priscilla Minuzzo.

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Soft personality Minuzzo

Priscila was born on the 23rd. December 1993 born in Brazil, which means she is now 27 years old. She is beautiful, intelligent, loving and good at everything. Her style is that of a fun geek, but her outward appearance does not yet match the inner beauty she has. Priscilla is a goal-oriented extrovert who has it all in life. She lives a full life and passes on her happiness to others through her social work.

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Her marriage to a famous footballer

Alex Telles married the gorgeous brunette in 2018, but their story began in 2012 when they started dating. Alex was playing in the band Brazil Juventude when he met Priscilla, and they hit it off immediately. With no drama, their relationship blossomed over the years and in 2018, they took it to the next level by getting married. Their incredible wedding took place in the church of São Pelegrino in Caxias do Sul and was performed by the famous violinist João Pedro Gregol. On her wedding day, Mrs. Minuzzo looked beautiful, her white dress sticking in all the right places. Like her husband, she prefers to keep such important events secret, but that’s hard when you’re famous.

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Social and creative activities

Minuzzo is committed to the less fortunate. Since 2024, she has been the co-owner of Fluencia Hip Hop House, an organization dedicated to social change and liberation. They do this by working with underprivileged children, adolescents and young people and integrate them into society. In addition, their transformative environment is filled with creative expressions such as dance and art. Currently they teach English and provide psychosocial support to the poor.

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Priscilla’s style, pets and taste

The Brazilian beauty is active on social media and has over 10,000 followers on Instagram. She is currently wearing a short, funky hairstyle that adds to her personality. She has changed her hair color several times, but currently has natural hair. Since she is busy helping people, she usually chooses casual and comfortable clothes. Since Ms. Minuzzo has several tattoos, this stylish hairstyle highlights her extroverted and eccentric personality. The tattoos are all over his left arm. She has a butterfly design on her back and several other tattoos on her upper chest. She also has a Twitter account, on which she is not currently active. Surprisingly, most of the photos of her and her husband were taken by paparazzi, not her or Alex.

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She has a golden retriever, a German shepherd and two cats that rarely appear on her Instagram. These pets fuel her motivation and energy and help her move forward in her community work. Other than that, she prefers to keep her life private, and her Instagram profile was not public until a few months ago. Unfortunately, not much is known about his family and friends, but his social circle consists mainly of hip-hop house fluencia. She is much more active on her organization’s Instagram page than on her personal account. It shows how benign and focused she is. She and Alex keep their careers and personal lives separate, but are both successful at their jobs.

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Mrs. Minuzzo has used her position in the community for a good cause and we should all be proud and inspired by that. Her radiant smile never fails to delight her husband and fans. Although Priscilla and Alex hardly write anything about each other, their long relationship proves that they still love each other very much.

** All images in this post are from Instagram/external sources. We are not the owner of these photos **.Priscila Minuzzo is a Brazilian model who is currently married to soccer player Alex Telles, who plays for the Brazilian soccer team, Flamengo.. Read more about epl and let us know what you think.

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