Can You Put Ashes In Jewelry? – 2024 Guide

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The pain felt by those who have recently lost a loved one is so intense that it is nearly impossible to describe. As your friends and relatives may try to assuage your grief by telling you that time will make you feel better, it is true in some situations. When someone close to us dies, the pain we feel often stays with us even after they have passed away.

It is impossible to ignore the inevitability of death, yet understanding and acknowledging death does not make grieving the loss of a loved one any more accessible. Somehow, we could find some comfort and healing by exploring the soul’s journey. People have been in constant search of how to make the grieving process a little bearable.

Losing someone creates that void that nothing can seem to fill, and for centuries cremation jewelry has been doing a reasonable job of easing the pain of absence after the death of a loved one. Some websites provide a wide range of cremation jewelry from which you may pick according to your preferences. You can search for these websites online, or you can simply click the link above.

How Cremation Jewelry Started

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Cremation jewelry in the early years existed in the form of rings or armbands, with a few necklaces and pendants thrown in for good measure. These earlier creations served as a reminder of loved ones and were not intended to keep ashes or other mementos. Instead, they served as a poignant reminder that mortality is a fleeting cycle that all must face and go through at some point.

Mourning jewelry was a rare status symbol that could only have been afforded by the privileged due to its artisanal quality and use of the quality material available. For the first period in history, the Gregorian era saw the invention of mourning jewelry with little pockets designed to hold a lock of the deceased person’s hair or a pinch of soil from the deceased’s gravesite.

The New Purpose of Cremation Jewelry

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Since the elaborate motifs have vanished, cremation jewelry has become considerably simpler in appearance. Cremation jewelry was originally intended to tell people nearby that the person was in grief. Today, these pieces of jewelry can hold ashes, allowing you to keep a loved one with you at all times in a delicate manner, expressing your love and grief without bringing way too much attention other than what the jewelry is for.

Simply described, cremation jewelry is jewelry that contains some of a deceased relative or loved one’s cremated ashes. As the practice of cremation has grown in popularity and acceptance, cremation jewelry has become an essential part of the memorial industry.

There have been different ways created to help people preserve the memories of their loved ones. These techniques have evolved, but the desire to be remembered hasn’t. This creative method has shown to be beneficial not just for self-preservation but also for keeping a loved one close at hand. Cremation jewelry has the potential to become a family heirloom passed down through the generations.

As mentioned, the cremation pieces of jewelry have done so much favor for those who have lost their loved ones with comfort and memories that there is still a way to be with someone even after they have passed on to the next life.