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Maureen Blumhardt is a retired American woman who, as of 2016, has been married to Charles D. Barkley for over twenty years, with whom she has two children. She is of German and Irish descent. She was born Maureen Jane Blumhardt and grew up in California. She has a Master’s Degree in English from the University of California Santa Barbara. She is a retired financial analyst and has been described as being a philanthropist.

Maureen Blumhardt is a writer, beauty expert, and the wife of NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley. She is also a host of a tv show called “Dinner Club With Maureen” where she interviews famous people from all walks of life. People like athletes, actors, and musicians.

Few know about the life of Maureen Blumhardt, the wife of NBA legend Charles Barkley. But since she is relatively unknown, here are many interesting things about her that you may not know.

You know who Charles Barkley is, don’t you? But do you have any information about his wife, Maureen? We didn’t think so. We reveal all about the former NBA star’s female chef.

Biography of previous model

Maureen Barkley, née Blumhardt, was born on the 15th. January 1960, born in Scottsdale, Arizona. She graduated from Villanova University and went on to study journalism at Columbia School of Journalism.

It takes an army to marry this woman. Luckily, Charles didn’t have to – via Imgur

What did Maureen do before she met an NBA superstar?

This girl worked as a paralegal and even worked as a part-time model for a weight loss company. Surprisingly, despite her sharp features and good looks, she did not aspire to become a successful model.

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How and when did Maureen meet Charles?

Sir, I want to thank you for your support. Barkley was playing for the 76ers when he met this beautiful woman. He happened to see her at a restaurant called City Avenue in Philadelphia. She kept their relationship a secret because of racial tensions, but she knew she had met her soul mate.

A contented woman is the most attractive of all. – via Imgur

When did Maureen marry the basketball player and do they have children?

Against all odds, Maureen and Charles married in 1989. This was an important event for this young couple, because at the time, interracial marriages were looked down upon. She was not discouraged and has remained with her husband ever since. That same year Maureen gave birth to her only child, a daughter named Christiana.

Charles and Maureen with their only daughter, Christiana. – via Imgur

What did she focus on after the wedding?

This lady is not the type to sit back and watch time pass in the abyss. She knows how to act. Combined with her compassionate nature, it is not surprising that she has been involved in a number of humanitarian activities over the years. Maureen is an advocate for women’s issues. She is an honorary member of the Fresh Start Foundation, which is based in Phoenix. They provide women with education, support and resources to change their lives.

Maureen is happiest when she’s with her family. – via Imgur

Who is Maureen as a person?

A gentle and kind person, Mrs. Barkley is not at all like ordinary people. She knows many people, but only a few are close to her. Maureen Barkley is curious and likes to push her boundaries by travelling. Although she loves to be in the limelight, this lady chose to live a quiet life after her marriage. She is also a person who does not regret many of her actions. Maureen is wise enough to understand that everything happens for a reason, and smart enough to handle whatever life throws at her.

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Do you know the funny side of Maureen?

This lady has an innate talent to be a comedienne. she jokes on her Twitter, and it really brought tears to our eyes. They were hilarious. Maureen often teases her husband, and Charles, as always, takes it personally. He’s a good player. Until recently, we were unaware of their talents. If we had done it earlier, we would have advised him to go for a career in comedy.

She is one of the most gracious women we have met. Predictably, Charles isn’t afraid to be the butt of jokes. – via Imgur

Identity of Maureen Blumhardt

The former model is a loyal woman who is also very disciplined. She’s pretty smart and has a knack for problem solving. Maureen has never been one to overstep her bounds, and although she loves responsibility, she knows what she can do without a problem. Realistically, this woman can be overly cautious at times, but that hasn’t stopped her so far.

As someone who has chosen family life, Maureen is an inspiration to young women wondering if they should ever settle down. His life is a perfect example.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Charles Barkley still married to his wife Maureen?

Yes, Charles Barkley is still married to his wife Maureen.

Who is Charles Barkleys wife?

Charles Barkley’s wife is named Cheryl.

How tall is Charles Barkleys wife?

She is 5’6″.

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