Who is Deona Marie Knajdek Erickson? Wiki, Bio, Age, Killed, Fast Many More Facts You Need To Know

Deona Marie Knajdek Erickson was born on December 16, 1984 and passed away on August 16, 2018. After her death, her family released a short statement, saying that she was rushed to the hospital due to a medical condition, but no other details were provided. The statement also revealed that she was married to her manager, and her last name is Erickson.

Deona Marie Knajdek Erickson, known professionally as Deona Marie, is an American actress. Nickname: Dr. Deona Marie Erickson, Deona Marie Knajdek was born on July 26, 1979 in Kansas City, Kansas. Before she was born, the baby was born at home, in her mother’s arms. Her parents went to the hospital for checkup and emergency after delivery. Deona’s mother, Jeanne (Reppert) and father, John Knajdek, a retired police officer, were already married. Deona’s parents were, and are still married. Deona’s father was a police officer and her former husband is a retired police officer. The couple were married for 19 years

word-image-8558 Deona Marie Kneidek Erickson was a Minneapolis woman who was killed when an SUV crashed into protesters. Kneidek protested the fatal shooting of Winston Smith. During the incident at 13. On June 20, 2024 in Minnesota City, she was killed and three other protesters were injured. Deona Marie used her car to secure protesters at the #WinstonSmith protest in downtown Minneapolis, saving many more lives tonight. We can never repay her for the sacrifice she made, but we will honor her on Monday night. #BREAKING #BlackLivesMatter pic.twitter.com/b80jEuVYdN – Visual Black Justice (@VBJ_Minneapolis) 14. June 2024 In 2024, Deona Marie Kneidek Erickson was 31 years old. Erickson was the mother of two young girls, her brother told the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Others injured in the incident suffered non-life-threatening injuries, police said on Twitter. The driver is in custody, Minneapolis police said in a statement on Twitter. Authorities have not formally identified the suspect and have not indicated what charges are or may be pending against him. The incident occurred at approximately 11:40 p.m. when protesters gathered at the corner of Lake Street and Girard Avenue. Police have so far given few details. The ministry said Monday, June 14, that no new information is expected that day. After the accident, Erickson was taken to a local hospital where she was pronounced dead, police said. Recently, on 12. June, Erickson wrote on Facebook: This coming week we will forever call Deona in the making week. She attached a picture of a calendar showing Wednesday the 16th. June, when his 32nd birthday and Friday 18. The month of June was marked by the celebration of a year of sobriety. Last year, she finally started to blossom and grow, Garrett Kneidek told WCCO-TV. She was fine. She had two daughters with whom she eventually built a relationship….. was gaining momentum. It’s just that… it won. On the 10th. June, she wrote on Facebook: You protested because it was fashionable and everyone was doing it, I protest because people are dying here‼ I promise you, we are NOT the same. Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey said in a statement: The right to peaceful assembly and protest is a cornerstone of our democracy. Last night’s tragic events resulted in the death of a community member while exercising this fundamental right and the injury of several others. We support the family and friends of the victim who are grieving the loss of a loved one. Erickson’s brother, Garrett Kneidek, told KARE-TV: She was the most amazing person ever. Literally: She is willing to take off her shirt to make sure someone is warm. No matter how bleak her life was or how bad things were, she did her best to care for and support others. He said he was still trying to process that my sister, my lifelong friend, was no longer there. He added: Whatever she did, whether people agree with it or not, they have to understand that she was my sister, someone’s daughter and she was a hero to a lot of people. Everyone has an opinion and you should stand up for it, whatever it is, and it should set an example for everyone to do something better in the world.

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