7 Benefits And Uses Of Side Flail Mowers

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Do you use a lawn mower or brush cutter to eliminate weeds, remove stubborn vegetation, or clear brambles? Even though they might be good alternatives, a flail mower will be a better choice and an effective alternative to doing all the tasks effectively. Let us see and compare how side flail mowers are effective and the benefits and uses of side flail mowers over others.

A side flail mower is more powerful and sturdy compared to other types of flail mowers that helps in mowing even the rugged landscapes, uneven surfaces, vineyards, parklands, and roadsides. Side flail mowers are literally universal mowers as they serve almost all kinds of landscapes and are reliable as they draw less power without compromising on the efficiency of the work. Tehnos has manufactured a range of effective flail mowers with their leading guidelines, including speed, responsibility, and innovation. For flail mowers that serve multiple purposes, visit Technos that has been delivering quality equipment for years without compromising on customer satisfaction.

Benefits of side flail mowers

Source: diamondmowers.com
  • Side flail mowers are effective in cutting even near hedgerows as compared to conventional flail mowers. It is also effective in cutting the growth even before it gets run over, which helps you in ensuring even cut.
  • Side flail mowers come in handy as where you require the flying debris to be minimum. Flair mowers don’t let much debris fly in the air, just like sickle mowers. Hence, a flail mower is a perfect choice if you want to avoid as much debris as possible.
  • Besides just cutting the bushes, side flail mowers help in trimming and cutting the banks of the bushes. Hence, you don’t need separate equipment and lots of time and effort for the maintenance of your lawn. You only need to have an effective flail mower to cut banks and trim bushes. For more flexibility, you can attach an individual compact tractor to angle the mower to cut the banks effectively and in a neat fashion to give your lawn a clean look.
  • Some flail mowers are expensive and are difficult to maintain. You may have to replace the whole flail mower, even if one individual flail is broken or lost. But you don’t have to face such struggles with side flail mowers because if one individual flail is broken, you can only replace that individual flail instead of replacing the whole flail mower, which can trouble you and overshoot your budget.
  • Not bushes and scrubs are smooth and feeble. Some are sturdy and rugged, making the cutting process difficult. Yet side flail mowers are sturdy enough to tackle even the rugged bushes or shrubs. The rotation speed coupled with the volume of the flails also helps in removing the sturdiest bushes.
  • Flails in the flail mowers are fastened on hinges rather than being stiffened. Hence, they don’t generate much debris as the flails don’t hit and break hard things like rocks and hurl the resultant debris into the air.
  • Side flail mowers are sturdy and robust enough to not get hurt by a huge rock or hard debris. Hence, they don’t often break due to hitting hard surfaces, and no replacement is frequently needed. This makes the maintenance too easy and affordable without leaving much room for frequent expenses for an extended time period.
  • Side flail mowers are less heavier as compared to their counterparts and give you a hassle free mowing experience in addition to adjusting the cutting height and supporting small to medium sized tractors.
  • Side flail mowers are generally designed keeping safety in mind that makes the flail mowers extra strong besides coming with an extra leg for your storage purposes.

Uses of side flail mowers

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No matter how stubborn and powerful your bushes and scrubs in the lawn are, a flail mower can reach places to make your mowing experience an easy one and give your lawn a clean and beautiful appeal. In addition, it will also consume less time and effort as compared to other mowing equipment:

  • Mulching: Side flail mowers are used in mulching, the practice of covering the agricultural soil to increase the fertility of the soil. The electronically balanced rotor makes the operation smooth with minimal bending.
  • They can also be used in large agricultural areas for mulching purposes with increased speed. Side flail mowers fasten the process as compared to other agricultural equipment with minimal energy.
  • Besides mulching, side flail mowers can also be used for municipal purposes. They can be used to mulch municipal surfaces that are difficult to reach, including places like ditches, roadside lawns, pastures, orchards, and surfaces near watercourses.
  • They can also be used for mowing lawns extended over large areas like gold courts, airports, vineyards, and parks.
  • Side flail mowers are effective in horticulture and viticulture as well. They can be used for the mulching vine, grass, and other branches as well.
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  • Flail mowers are effective equipment for clearing overgrown areas and forests. You can also use it for cutting all kinds of trees, shrubs, and other plant remains.
  • They can also be used to cut undergrowth, woody plant remains, and thinner trunks too without leaving any other remains on the field.
  • The simple operationality and practical design make the usage of these flail mowers easy and effectively remove the plant remains and also mulches for superior quality results.


On a wrap, side flail mowers are effective in reaching places that are otherwise difficult to reach with the help of other mowing equipment. Side flail mowers are also effective in cutting bushes in different angles that are otherwise stubborn. Flail mowers are here for a while now and favor both small-scale and large-scale applications like front lawn and parks, respectively. However, you need to decide what kind of flail mower best suits your requirements and the vegetation that your lawn grows as there is a wide range of flail mowers to choose from, including side flail mowers, rotor flail mowers, and mulchers, etc.