How Much Does It Cost To Have An In-Ground Pool Put In – 2024 Guide

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How many times have you dreamed of your own pool in the yard of a house or a cottage – but you never dared to ask how much that pleasure would cost you? We will try to show you how to make your investment pay off and what are the things you must pay attention to.

Can You Afford a Pool?

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Summer is a time when everyone is happy when cooling off and relaxing in the pool. Pools are considered a stylish addition to the house and your yard – although it is more accurate to say that it is one of the most pleasant places for free time. However, we must inevitably emphasize that the construction of the pool and also its subsequent maintenance is an investment that you must evaluate well from the start. Today, there are countless different types and models of swimming pools on the market, which primarily differ in the installation and materials from which they are made. This is how we distinguish between in-ground and above-ground pools, as well as prefabricated pools. When we talk about materials, the most often used are vinyl-liner, and fiberglass, etc.

In this text, we will deal with what you need to know if you decide to build an in-ground pool. We will try to tell you more about planning, materials – and, of course, prices. Therefore, we will look at everything you need to know if you are planning to build an in-ground pool in your yard.

What You Should Think About If You Are Planning A Pool

Building a pool is a big investment and undertaking. Therefore, you have to make a good plan and do it so you can see the results of your investment for a long time. There are a few questions you need to pay attention to for the pool to eventually not only fit into your desired budget – but also meet the needs of your family.

In-Ground Pool Installation

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In-ground pools, as the word itself says, are located underground. For this type of pool, it is necessary to go through some of the previously performed works. First, the pool is excavated – that is, an appropriate hole is made according to the construction project, size, and shape – and the pool will be placed in it later. Then, all the necessary installations, leveling the ground and installing the pool, concreting, etc. – are performed. In the case of a built-in pool, the excavation in which the pool will be placed is first strengthened with materials such as geotextiles – and gravel is added to the very top. When it comes to installing a pool, a concrete base is sometimes not needed – of course depending on what kind of pool you are installing.

Transport And Excavation

If you opt for a built-in pool, it should be transported to the location where it will be installed. The most demanding part of the installation is lowering and positioning the pool with a crane in the excavated hole. As this step is crucial – unloading the pool can sometimes take several hours. Patiently and precisely, the pool is placed in the excavated hole. After the implementation of the pool, control measurements are performed, and then the skimmer and water attractions are installed – if it is planned. Finally, the pool is filled with water, dry concrete is poured around it.

How Much Does It Cost To Make A Pool In The Yard?

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The procedure for installing in-ground pools is similar for all types of pools – only in some pools, such as concrete, it is even more complicated and demanding. You are certainly interested in how long it all takes and how much it can cost you, so check this, and see what can you expect when it comes to building an in-ground pool. We’ll try to help you by drawing your attention to some things you need to know. So, let’s take a look at those things as well.

Concrete pools

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Concrete pools, as the name suggests, are those that are built of concrete. They can be made either from concrete blocks or by pouring concrete. The construction of a concrete pool requires the preparation of a construction pit and the construction of a concrete foundation slab. The concrete pool is a built-in pool. Therefore, before the start of work, a construction pit must be dug and secured. The construction of the bottom of the pool is the first step. One of the most important things we should pay attention to – is the installation of appropriate drains. Concrete pool floor drains as well as other elements such as fountains, pipes, etc. – must be placed in exactly the project-specific places. After that, concreting the floor slab takes place.


Depending on the size, you can roughly calculate the cost of building such a pool. However, you must include all the work that this entails. The approximate price of a custom concrete pool, with a rectangular reinforced concrete shell, includes:

  • construction works such as excavation, concreting the bottom and walls
  • installation of the machine unit and equipment, and workers
  • control of pool equipment providers
  • installation of impermeable masses and sealing
  • waterproofing and ceramic works

The approximate price of such works, depending on the provider and where you live – ranges from $ 50,000 to $ 100,000. or more depending on your requirements.

Styrofoam block pools

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Pools made of styrofoam blocks also require excavation and special preparation of the construction pit – as well as the construction of the concrete slab. Building a pool by using styrofoam blocks is undoubtedly better if nothing else – in terms of costs. When building such a pool, each type of block is placed separately. However, you must take care of the proper mounting of installations and lines.

The advantage of such pools is that no additional thermal insulation has to be installed on the outside. Besides, these blocks can be installed quickly and they are thermal insulation themselves. Also, the final works require just minimal repairs and smoothing of the walls. When the walls are built, pipes and all the pool equipment can be placed around the pool.


This option is much cheaper than classic concrete pools. Namely, a built styrofoam pool together with the material – styrofoam blocks, foil, filters, and other equipment – including installation, construction work and concreting water connection, and digging of canals – will cost you about 300 $ / m2.

Polyester, vinyl pools, and their price range

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Polyester pools are pre-built pool shells that can be delivered in one piece, depending on the dimension – or in parts. Such prefabricated pools are installed without the use of concrete – which also reduces the level of costs that these pools have. The approximate price of a prefabricated polyester pool of a round shape, including installation, construction works, and under-concreting, water connection, and digging of canals, is around $ 35,000 to $ 50,000.

Don’t Forget This! – Pool Maintenance Costs

The cost of maintaining a pool depends primarily on its volume. These costs are primarily related to the maintenance of water in the pool, which includes chemicals, the cost of water conditioning, the cost of electricity for the use of filters and pumps – as well as other devices in the pool, such as lights, etc. Certainly, we must not forget the costs of water, which are the most important. When you take all this into account, make your calculation – and try to find the best solution. The one that will meet your needs, but also fit into your budget.