Emma Stone Broke Her Shoulder Partying With The Spice Girls?

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Emma Stone is one of the hottest young actresses in Hollywood, and recently, she was spotted partying with the Spice Girls. This isn’t the first time the two have been seen together—Stone has attended several of the group’s concerts, and she even took a selfie with Melanie Brown. But while Stone has been a big fan of the Spice Girls since her childhood, she decided to go a little overboard when she was in London, England, last week.

Emma Stone broke her shoulder partying with the Spice Girls last week. She was spotted partying with the Spice Girls at a party in New York City on Thursday. Emma Stone was injured while partying at the VH1 Rock Honors. Emma Stone was partying with the Spice Girls at a VH1 Rock Honors party. She was injured while partying with the Spice Girls.

Emma Stone talks about a recent injury she suffered.  In a recent interview with The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the 32-year-old actress decided to settle once and for all with the rumors that blamed her wild partying with the Spice Girls for the delay in filming Disney’s Cruella. In an interview, Emma Stone admitted that she had broken her shoulder just before filming began, but she confirmed that the Spice Girls and their incredibly cool party weren’t to blame. That doesn’t preclude the Spice Girls from being involved in some way.

Emma Stone denies story that she hurt herself falling off someone’s shoulder

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Fans of the Easy A actress know that she knows how to throw a party, and that’s probably the reason for the rumors that she fell off someone’s shoulder and broke it, which soon turned out to be the truth. A preview of her appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Wednesday, 2. In June, the actress decided to refute a theory that claimed she broke her shoulder at a party with the Spice Girls in the summer of 2019. The injury would have delayed the filming of Cruella. The brand new mother did indeed break her shoulder just before filming began, but it wasn’t the famous Spice Girls who committed the crime. I broke my shoulder in June 2019, and we were supposed to start shooting Cruella in August, maybe July 2019, the mother of one recalled. And I broke my shoulder in two places. But for some reason, the story of my broken shoulder at a Spice Girls concert – that I was sitting on someone else’s shoulder and fell and broke my shoulder. And that’s not true!

An embarrassed Ellen DeGeneres asked the Crazy, Stupid, in Love actress how the rumor came about

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I’ve never sat on anyone’s back! I already broke my shoulder, Emma added. I couldn’t reach anyone else. She then explained that she had indeed seen the Spice Girls, but that, contrary to popular belief, she had broken her shoulder the day before. She stated that she had gone to the hospital before the concert, but that the results of the x-rays were inconclusive at that time and that she did not learn the extent of her injury until after she had enjoyed the show. I was supposed to go to a Spice Girls concert in London, and I did, but the night before someone was having a small party nearby, she told me. And that was in 2019, before theCOVID program started, so people could all be together and communicate. And this house had a waxed floor, and I slipped, and my arm went behind my back, and I broke my shoulder. And the next day I went to a Spice Girls concert and wore one of those little handcuffs, the star continued. DeGeneres then shared a photo the actress took during a concert with the band, and Emma smiled happily as she reminisced. Stay up to date on everything that’s happening at Celeb News. Come back here regularly for celebrity gossip, spoilers, news and updates.