8 Fun Activities To Do In Sydney During Day & Night

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Whether you have been born and brought up in Sydney, or you are strolling by for a visit, there are just some experiences you ought to have. Once the glorious city catches your eye, it is only a matter of time before it steals your heart too! This iconic city is not only teeming with great places to visit, and enthralling activities to enjoy but it is also bustling with activity.

Climb atop the Sydney harbor bridge

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Climbing the Sydney harbor bridge is nothing short of a bucket list moment. The exhilaration that you feel once you reach the summit is bound to be etched into one of your fondest memories. The harbor bridge caters for a surreal experience as you take in the serene beauty of the Sydney Opera house and the adjoining harbor.

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Rent out a low-flying plane

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Renting out a low-flying plane can give you an unbeatable scenic view and a lifetime’s worth of excitement. However, it should be noted it is not for everyone especially those of you nervous fliers out there! The best part of this experience is that it can be enjoyed on a tight budget, and it makes for a good way to kill some time! What if you are one of those nervous fliers? Then you can head south over to Bundeena or north to Church Point.

A soulful visit to the royal botanical garden

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It is a tranquil paradise square in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Sydney. It is just a short walk away from the Sydney Opera House. To put it simply, it is a heaven on Earth, flourishing with thirty hectares of palm grooves, ferns, orchids, and themed gardens. The flora and fauna are populated with an odd 1800 roses, flocks of fruit bats, begonias, orchids, and foliage. The royal botanical garden can be a place of great calmness, it can be a place to spend some alone time, have a picnic, or go out on a date.

A beach getaway

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An authentic Sydney vacation is not complete without a beach getaway! Sydney holds rectitude to some of the best beaches in the world most of which are slyly tucked away right around the harbors. Sydney beaches enable fantastic oceanside views, coastal walks along the cliffs, and an immersive nature extravaganza. Most beaches are also lined with cafes, restaurants, and elite surfing locations. The most popular of all these seaside destinations is Bondi beach. This sweeping white-sand crescent sprawls across a 1km area, while also reeling in surfers with the promise of reliable waves. Most of these beaches also make for a great coastal walk, or an evening jog to clear your mind. It is also a place to get some action at a laid-back cosmopolitan pub. The nice pubs also help make the beachfront an exquisite hub for the city’s nightlife; making for a whole night of frolicking with strangers and dancing!

George street

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This is the oldest street in Australia, now a major architectural highlight replete with stained glass windows and graceful domes. It is a great respite from your regular life and it can also be a great place to rack up on some souvenirs. George Street is also home to a range of designer boutiques, jewelry stores, and recreational activity centers. Moreover, Pitt Street Mall and the Strand Arcade also lie just one block over to the east from the glorious George Street. This street is buzzing with activity even during the night as people hit up some of the best restaurants they will ever come by!

Cockatoo island

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This stands to be among the top tourist destinations in Sydney. It is all but a short ferry ride away from Sydney’s center. There are a lot of amazing things you can do once you get here, such as visiting the marine center, planning an overnight camping trip, playing tennis on the harbor, or grabbing a few shots at the Island bar. Cockatoo Island also brings its visitors an exquisite audio tour that visitors can enjoy as they get to know the island and its shipbuilding history.

Featherdale wildlife park

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Featherdale is a perfect place to go if you are a wildlife lover! Housing a comprehensive range of animals you can choose to either hand feed the Kangaroos or take the chance to cuddle up with a few adorable Koalas. This Sydney wildlife park also allows visitors face-to-face interactions with Emus, Wallabies, Wombats, Penguins, along with a whole range of other endangered species. One may also be intrigued to hear that Featherdale also had a lot of celebrity visitors including Matt Damon, Kristen Stewart, Robert De Niro, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Summing it up

Sydney is the place to go if you are looking for a place to relax or a place to get your sass on. It is a sunny coastal gem, filled with alfresco food scenes and golden sand beaches. This majestic harborside paradise is a buzzing hub of culture, with a heavy outdoor vibe to it. Here is something you may not know though! It is sunny throughout the year! That means you get to enjoy your favorite summer activities all the way around. Moreover, it is a foodie paradise from the Belgian waffles, to the fluffy pancakes, the smashed avocado, or the fried chicken. The city is the perfect mix of a rural miracle and a metro escape. Offering a little something for everyone, your Sydney experience is all set, given the right planning! With this, we hope your next Sydney vacation ends with resounding success, so much so that you just can’t wait to do it again!