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Ben Oxenbould is an actor and comedian from Australia who is most known for his work in film and television. Jamie Oxenbould, his brother, is also an actor, as is Jamie’s son, Ed Oxenbould. Ben is an actor who has appeared in films such as Black Water (2007), Caught Inside (2010), and The Kettering Incident (2016). What is Ben Oxenbould wife name? Does he have a son? What is his net worth? Come down to know more about his wife below and you will get everything an actor.

Who is Ben Oxenbould wife? Has he a son? What is his son’s name?

Keep reading below you will get the answer about Ben Oxenbould wife and her profession. Ben is hesitant to discuss his love relationship(s), prior girlfriends, or dating life because he is a very private person. Although little is known about his partner/wife, he does have a son named Sam (born 1990).

What is Ben Oxenbould net worth and what career he built from film and comedy?


Ben Oxenbould’s net worth is estimated to be $2.5 million in 2024. In the 1980s, Oxenbould began his acting career. Hubert “Fatty” Finn was his first part in the 1980 film Fatty Finn. Following that, he appeared in films such as Mortgage (1989), The Crossing (1990), Radiance (1998), and others. During this time, he appeared in episodes of the TV shows E Street and Home and Away, both of which aired in 1989.

What film series and comedy shows he has worked in?

Ben Oxenbould has starred in a number of short-lived TV programs, including Hey Dad…! (1991-1994) and The Cut (2009). He also had recurrent roles in Slide (2011), The Kettering Incident (2016), The Code (2016), Deep Water (2016), and Rake (2012), Wolf Creek (2017), Mr. Inbetween (2019), and others. Ben Oxenbould has previously been in the television film Scorched (2008), as well as the films Black Water (2007), Caught Inside (2010), and Deep Water (2012). (2020). Oxenbould was a cast member of the sketch comedy series Comedy Inc. from 2003 to 2005. (2003-2006).

Who are the family of ben? What is his education?

Ben Oxenbould is an actor and a comedian by trade, as well as an Australian citizen. Jamie Oxenbould, his brother, and Ed Oxenbould, his niece, are also performers. Ben Oxenbould was born in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia, on March 2, 1969. Janice Oxenbould is his mother, and Bob Oxenbould is his father. His parents raised him along with his brother Jamie Oxenbould, who is also an actor. He’s also the uncle of Jamie’s two sons, Archie Oxenbould and Ed Oxenbould, both actors. Ben Oxenbould went to North Sydney Boys High School for his studies. His ethnicity comprises English, among other things.

Which of his comedy is more popular?


This Australian film actor is best known for his role as Ben in the 1990s situation comedy Hey Dad…! He also starred in episodes of the popular soap operas Echo Point and Home and Away. Ben was a member of the cast of the popular Comedy Inc. improv series in the early 2000s. He made a renowned parody of Australian cricketer Shane Warne during his stint on the show.

Charity work in Nepal

Oxenbould assisted in the establishment of the BBAS Memorial School in Bardia, Nepal, a remote Nepalese mountain community, in the year 2000. He organized a benefit for the school in 2005, which was attended by Australian celebrities such as singers Tex Perkins and Tim Rogers, as well as comedian Akmal Saleh. The school’s students’ artwork was auctioned off.

When doe he started his career as an actor?


Ben Oxenbould began his acting career as a child actor in 1980, when he was just 11 years old. Soon, he grew more successful in his industry in a short amount of time, influencing people via his career and gaining a great deal of reputation. After a while, his career came full circle as he rose in prominence. Ben Oxenbould became well-known in Australia and other nations as a result of his performance.

Age, height, weight

Ben Oxenbould, an Australian actor and comedian, was born on March 2, 1969, and is best known for his work in Australian film and television. He will be 53 years old in 2024. Oxenbould is 1.8 meters tall, and he is quite concerned about his physical appearance. In general, he appears to live a stable existence. When it comes to his weight, he is 156 pounds.

What he is doing right now?

Ben Oxenbould is said to have had a busy year in 2024. However, we do not have any specific information about Ben Oxenbould’s current activities. Perhaps you have further information. Please feel free to post the most recent news, gossip, official contact information such as management phone number, cell phone number, or email address, as well as any queries, in the comments section below. Also read: Archie Oxenbould net worth, height, wiki, family, siblings, age, girlfriend

Quick facts about Ben Oxenbould

Ben Oxenbould is an Australian actor and comedian, known for his work in film and television. Jamie Oxenbould, his brother, is also an actor, as is Jamie’s son, Ed Oxenbould. Ben is an actor who could be seen in films like Black Water (2007), Caught Inside (2010) and The Kettering Incident (2016). What’s the name of Ben Oxenbould’s wife? Does he have a son? What’s their net worth? Scroll down to find out more about his wife and you have everything the actor needs.