5 Signs You Need Better Window Shutters

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Window shutters are the one thing that dictates how good your windows look from the outside and how well they protect the privacy of your home from the inside. Window shutters might seem an inconsequential thing to worry about but when you give some serious thought to their function you realize that they actually are a lot more important than you make them out to be. They keep your family safe from peeking eyes, fill your house with light during the day, and offer you privacy when you need it the most.

However, if these shutters get old beyond their lifetime or break from excessive use, then instead of raising the standards of the aesthetic of your home, they will instead bring them down. According to diamondwindowshutters.co.uk, having proper and quality shutters by professional craftsmen will serve you well for a long, long time. In case you have them for a long time, though, or don’t have good quality shutters at all, they will soon start showing signs that you need to replace them as soon as possible.

The thing is, these signs can often be nondescript or not visible at all. As such, you can be stuck with bad shutters for a long time without noticing, and trust us when we say that nothing brings the beauty of a home down like broken window shutters. Even if everything else in your home is perfect, broken shutters are bound to stick out the most and you need to get them fixed quickly. That’s why, in this article, we’ll tell you various signs you might not be noticing that tell you your window shutters need replacement.

Your shutter slats are bent, broken, or tattered

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These are the most obvious signs that your window shutters need replacement but even they can sometimes fall out of notice from our eyes once we get used to a piece of furniture for too long. However, when you do notice them or your guests finally point it out (which we hope doesn’t happen!) then ensure that you don’t ignore it and get them changed soon.

Bent slats are often the cause of heat damage or humidity, depending on the type of slats you have. A few slats can be changed but if the entire shutter is out of place, then it’s at the end of its lifetime and needs a serious replacement. If you live in an area that is frequented by rain then we recommend you don’t get pure wood shutters as they can break apart from humidity easily and if you live in extremely hot conditions, then you should avoid faux wood shutters as they can often get bent or wrapped.

Your shutters have stopped working properly

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Many times, shutters can look as fine as the day you bought them but physically they don’t function properly. For example, when you try to push the shutters, the shutters don’t budge even after you apply considerable force, or move but you always get this dangerous noise that they can fall apart anytime. If you have faced these two problems, chances are your shutters are in a very fragile condition and can break anytime.

After seeing these problems, you should definitely replace your shutters with new ones. If you continue keeping them on, there is a huge chance that one day they completely break apart and ricochet back to you. Worst case scenario? You or your family member gets seriously injured just because you didn’t buy replacements for your shutters in time.

Your shutters aren’t the right size or shape

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The most disorienting and unsatisfying thing for your guests or anyone passing in front of your house is you having windows of one size, and your shutters are completely another size – too overgrown for your windows or too small for them. This single thing can bring down the beauty of your home. This often happens when you build new window frames but keep the same shutters for the old windows.

We heavily recommend not doing this and buying new shutters for your window frames if you change their size. If your frame is not a standard size, consider ordering custom shutters for your windows. The same applies if your windows are of one shape and your shutters the other. For example, if you have circular windows then it doesn’t make sense to have square or rectangular shutters. Always make sure your shutters fit your window in shape and size and you’ll start getting compliments in no time.

Your shutters are outdated

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Nothing is more disheartening when your guests take a look at your home, stop to look at your shutters, and give this judgemental look that says “Boy, that looks bad”. If you bought your shutters a long while ago when they were in fashion, chances are, after 2-3 years, they are very ‘out of fashion’ and not relevant in style anymore. If you don’t want your guests to get all judgmental about your shutters, we recommend you change them when they go out of style so your home doesn’t stand out as the odd man out in the neighborhood.

Shutters can also get outdated physically. If you bought your shutters 10 years ago, look at them and check if they have aged well. If they did, congrats, you have very unique shutters that will keep making your home look glorious for a few years more. If they don’t, take them down as they will only cause more harm than they will do good.

Your shutters are attached to the wrong part

The clearest indication of lazy installation work is when carpenters attach the shutters outside the window instead of the hinges on the frame. It’s instantly visible when someone passes by your home and leaves them thinking that you didn’t hire a good enough carpenter to do it. When you are fitting your shutters from local carpenters, or by yourself, ensure that the shutters are fixed in their proper spot so they look like they are complementing your windows and not being a hindrance to them.


We can miss out on a surprising number of signs that our shutters don’t look good and need replacements. We hope this article helped you notice these signs, and if it did, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.