How Long Does It Take To Write A Good Bachelor Thesis


It doesn’t matter if you are dealing with a bachelor’s or master’s level thesis, a dissertation is a final touch on our education. Depending on the university and the topic, it might take only a few days, a couple of months, or you might need to dedicate an entire year to it. Naturally, we are not talking about actually writing for a year, but there is much more than just writing since it is necessary to find the subject, define it, analyze it, gather the sources, and writing is only the final step in that work.

When it comes to a Ph.D. thesis, it can take even several years of dedicated work before it is done. Fortunately, bachelors are much simpler and take less to be finished, and when it comes to them, we can also receive a lot of vital help, no matter if you need help with choosing the topic, having some finishing touch on a half-done thesis, or with the entire endeavor. If you need help with it, just check out, but if you would like to learn more about how long it takes to write a good bachelor’s thesis and how to shorten that time, simply continue reading.

It is a process


As it is already mentioned, there are two things to consider when thinking about how long it will take for your thesis to be finished. First of all, it depends on the university, and the question is are we talking about social sciences or something else, so there are simply too many variables to discuss. Since that is unique for everyone, let’s leave it to you and briefly go over the second factor. The thing to understand about writing a dissertation is that it is a process. The initial phase is meeting with a mentor, and here we discuss the possible subject and everything connected to planning the actual work.

While it is possible to finish that in one meeting, it usually takes more than that, at least three to five. Then we have to deal with the procedures. Every organization has its own rules, and we need to go through the application process according to them. Again, it depends on the actual faculty how long that will take, so if you are lucky, it will be done in few days. Next step we already mentioned. Finding all the necessary sources and analyzing them before we can start writing is something that must be done. When it comes to how long it will take, again, it is too depends on your topic and abilities, but at least we have made it to the actual writing part.

Set the expectations and don’t be a perfectionist


Now let us address the actual writing phase. What can you do to finish it as fast as possible without losing on quality? A good starting point is to understand that this is just a bachelor’s thesis. There is no need for it to be revolutionary or to bring anything never before heard, and that is for some higher level of education dissertations to do. We need to prove our mastery of this particular topic and to illustrate our competent synthesize and presentation. After all, not even every Ph.D. thesis can accomplish something groundbreaking. If someone sets their expectations too high, it will definitely take them much longer than a month, and it might take a year or more.

So what should we do for a bachelor’s thesis? First of all, read up on the topic. Naturally, all of the sources you work with, but even more extensively. What is the goal here is to prove our knowledge, not to contribute to science. After the expectations are set, we need to reflect on our natural desire for our work to be perfect. That is a common mistake and a trap that will make writing our thesis much longer than it should. The work needs to be good, and it will never be perfect. Take as much advice from a mentor as possible, and it will become clear that it doesn’t take too long to finish it but that it takes forever to write something that everyone will deem perfect.

Finish a draft and then improve on it whenever you can


A lot of people think that writing has to start with the first word in our thesis and finish with the last sentence. That is not true, and there are two crucial pieces of advice we can give you here. First, start with a quick draft, even if it doesn’t have many details in it. For example, with a plan for how many chapters there will be in the thesis. Then write something about every single of these chapters. If it is just noting what you will write in a lot of detail in the future, it doesn’t matter because that will help with understanding the bigger picture behind the thesis.

Next, once you start writing the final draft, don’t be afraid to skip chapters or just paragraphs on which you have a creative block. Simply return to them later, and write some other part of the thesis in the meantime. One last thing that can help anyone immensely is to understand that we should always work on the thesis. Of course, we can’t constantly write, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t read or think about our work. It doesn’t matter if we are commuting, waiting in some line, taking a walk, or anything else, whenever you can think and plan about what you will do next, you should do that.


As we have seen, it is impossible to tell with absolute certainty how long it will take to finish a bachelor’s thesis. That is because every university and subject is different, but as long as you acknowledge several simple rules, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to write a good bachelor’s dissertation in a month or less.