6 Tips on How to Win in Online Casino Singapore

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Yes, we all know how hard is to stay calm when all people around you are talking about online gambling and win money. But also we all know how difficult is to see them spending their savings on slots, poker, blackjack, or any other popular casino game. At the very beginning of this article, we will make the things clear – there is no exact strategy that will guarantee to win the jackpot, but there are some tricks and small things you should know, that can increase your chances, no matter where you are in the world. Also, your general behavior can have an influence on your activities. Of course, you also need to know if online gambling is legal and legit in your country, and if there are local casino providers as 12play is in Singapore.

Some places in the world are considered luckier than others. That’s the case with the hype around Las Vegas, but Singapore is not an exception too. Also, that doesn’t mean you will instantly win some game if you join some of their online services. In order to be a successful gambler, you have to avoid the common myths and focus on your performance. Surely, you can learn some strategies, or at least try to understand them, but many things depend on your luck that day. Anyway, let’s see some of the most useful tricks and advice the experienced gamblers want to share with you:

1. Understanding the odds

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Odds are a math calculation that shows you your chances to win or lose, or the possible amount of money you can win. But, you always have to keep in mind that the other players have similar odds too. It’s complicated math to calculate the exact chances, but the more you gamble, your brain will adapt to it, and will always have a close estimation about what you have to do next, or is it time to stand up and leave the table.

2. Choose only legit online casinos

This is pretty obvious, but there are still people who make mistakes and scammers who can’t wait to meet them. Before you join an online casino, you have to check their ratings among the players. Most of them seem legit and compatible, but they are not. First, check the URL you access to play or download the app, the provider, the information about developers, the list of rules and conditions, the terms, and of course, the license. If everything seems fine and accurate, and all the things are listed transparently, then you can join the casino. Do your research, because fake casinos will always take your money, without giving anything back, which is not the case with the legit ones.

3. Don’t lose your head over the increased self-confidence

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Once you win your first prize, there is an unexpected boost of your self-confidence that makes you believe you can do everything you want and still end up the winner in the game. But remember, the casino houses exist just because a lot of people believe in the same thing, and they are increasing the wager and bets, and risk more, thinking they will have more luck this time. And at some point, they will have, and they may win some big prize. But, have you ever thought about how much money you will need to spend until you get there? That’s why you have to be more responsible, and not lose your head if it happens to win sometimes.

4. Chase the bonuses

Bonuses are freebies that the provider is giving to you, so you can see how attractive the game is. Even though the chances to win a jackpot with them are pretty small, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible to do that. There are a lot of bonuses you can claim, but most of the gamblers prefer the welcome bonus at the beginning, and of course, monthly and loyalty freebies, which can be a nice boost to the game, especially when things are bad.

5. Adopt some reliable strategies

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All the gambling games are random, which means you can’t predict what’s next. But it doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to plan the steps and use some of the known strategies to increase the chances to win. Never forget that the chances are always 50-50 or a little more on the house’s side. For example, you can determine how much money you can afford every week, and don’t go over it. You can wait for the “signs” from the game, to know that you have to change the way you are playing right now, double the bets every time you win or cut them in half as you lose bigger amounts. It’s on you to determine what works the best for you.

6. Know your limits

You don’t want to spend all your money you earned with hard work for one game, right? No one wants that, but when we get into the casino’s carousel, it’s very hard to step back. The excitement is doing that to us. It boosts our self-confidence, making us think we are able to win over the house. But, even if you win, you need to know they will cut off some part of the prize anyway, because of taxes, and also some fees may apply due to the transaction methods, which means they won’t give you that much money you expect. And they are always one step ahead of you, no matter what you are doing.


No matter if you are based in Singapore, or any other place in the world, you must be respectful of the rules casinos provide at the beginning of the game. Don’t try to cheat, because they will ban you anyway, and you will lose the deposit money. Gambling is entertaining, but still responsible activity, that requires a high level of skills, knowledge, and of course, awareness about your real potential. Don’t let a few shiny moments make you believe you are the most powerful person there, because only one step can lead to losing everything you have, because yes, online casinos work with real money, and it’s not a joke.