What Happens If Use Beard Oil Everyday?

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Men love to groom themselves and keep their beards neat and tidy. So there are a lot of beard oils available in the market that fulfill their needs and requirements. If you haven’t used any beard oil before, it cannot be evident for you to pick the right option. But if you have already been using it, you have all the information about it and how to use it.

The idea behind using beard oil is to keep the hair on your face moisturized and soft. Men need to keep their facial hair hydrated and smooth. Men who want to maintain their long and fuller facial hair make use of beard oils to manage them. But there arises one question in every mind, that can you use it every day?

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Before discussing anything else, it is essential to know why men should apply facial hair oil and its benefits. Sometimes the texture of your mustaches becomes rough, and to soften it, you need some lubricant. Let us discuss some more benefits of using a facial hair lubricant:

It makes the skin underneath the hairs moisturized:

Applying beard oil will moisturize not only your beard but also the skin underneath it.

Mainly in the winters, the skin becomes very dry and flaky. Therefore, it is essential to keep it hydrated.

Helps to reduce the itchiness:

Itching can be caused due to the dry and flaky skin texture. So, when you moisturize the skin properly, it automatically reduces itchiness in that area.

Beard smells good after its application:

Instead of using cologne, you can invest in some good beard oil with some pleasant scent.

You can even make a DIY facial hair lubricant at your home by adding your favorite fragrance to it. However, if you don’t want to do this task, then purchase the one according to the scent that you like the most.

Gives protection against folliculitis:

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Sometimes inflamed hair follicles can occur due to fungal or bacterial infection, which is generally termed folliculitis. Several types of oil, like coconut oil, contain antimicrobial properties. This helps in preventing folliculitis.

Improves circulation:

When you apply essential oils to your whiskers, it also improves circulation. With the help of enhanced blood circulation, the growing hair becomes stronger.


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Beginners generally don’t know when and how many times in a day they can apply a lubricant for their whiskers. There is no scientifically proven fact on this topic, but it can usually be used every day. Many people like to apply it even twice or thrice a day because of the benefits it provides.

On summer and a hot day, various beard oil works as a sunscreen for your whiskers. Apart from this, if you love to go swimming on hot summer days, it can also help you protect your bristles from the chlorine present in the swimming pool. Chlorine tends to make your beard dry and can damage it.

There are no restrictions on how often you can apply it. You can take your whisker’s lubricant depending upon its size and dryness. Even in ancient times, our ancestors tried various essential oils to figure out what works best for their bodies.


There are always some specific instructions on using a product given on the back of the packaging. However, some of the typical steps to follow while using beard lubricants are:

  • Take two or three drops of the product in your palm and rub your hands. By doing this, the oil will get spread around your fingers and palms. It is better to take less product for the first time to avoid making your hair greasy. You can also take out the extra effect whenever required.
  • Now rub the product that you have spread in your palms on the hair present on both of your cheeks.
  • Take your hands down on your face to cover the chin as well as your whiskers.
  • To hydrate your mustaches properly, apply it with your fingertips.
  • The next step involves combing your beard. Take a comb and use it to spread the product on your facial hair evenly.
  • If you have a long and fluffy beard, you will require more products to moisturize and soften it completely. Take more products in the next round and follow the same method.


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There are no side effects of using facial lubricants as such. However, if you are allergic to the ingredients present in it, then it can cause itching, redness, and burning sensation on your skin. Also, if the lubricant is not diluted correctly before it is used, it can irritate your skin. So, whenever you buy a beard product, make sure to check its ingredients list.
Beard butter, unlike beard oil, is more like a cream. It’ll hydrate your hair to a point where it lets it keep the natural texture. Beard butters don’t make the beard shiny though.


Men need to apply some grooming products to keep their whiskers smooth and moisturized. Use them as often as you require depending upon the dryness and roughness factor of your beard. Read the steps carefully to groom yourself properly.