5 Tips How to Style Your Living Room With a Persian Rug

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Persian rugs are also referred to as Iranian carpet since the ancient state of Persia was located in Asia, where Iran is today. It was a huge kingdom too, conquering huge territories, leaving their cultural trace in so many places that today aren’t even Iran’s neighbor countries. That’s why people all around the world recognize and love the quality of these carpets and their unique patterns.

But, many homeowners struggle to fit them in the modern interior design, since they provide an old-fashioned, cozy, and rustic look to the rooms. Having furniture with strict lines and neutral colors may not be the best fit for this type of rugs, but if you really love them, there is always a way to incorporate in the home decor, by replacing some pieces and adding accessories that may change the whole way your room looks.

The original Persian carpets are made in towns and bigger areas like Mashhad, Kashan, Isfahan, Qom, Tabriz, and so on. You can also go for the fabrics and color schemes that are suitable to your home style. Usually, it’s dyed with natural colors and dyes, but that choice is very expensive and luxurious, so some manufacturers are already using cheaper materials and synthetic dues. They are doing that so they can create affordable, but still authentic options for those who love this product, but can’t really afford it.

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Anyway, adding a piece of art like this to your home can be pretty challenging, especially when you have to determine the size, texture, color scheme, patterns, and styles.

In order to be successful in that, you have to measure the exact size of the area you want to cover with it. Rethink the idea to put furniture over it, because not everyone wants to hide that kind of beauty with sofas and chairs. Usually, you have to go for a few inches smaller, so you can have a great balance between covered and “naked” areas in your room. Covering the whole floor was something that was a thing decades ago, and today people appreciate their quality tiles more than ever. That’s why it’s a nice idea to consider putting a few smaller rugs in your room, that is compatible with everything around.

Here are a few more recommendations on how to incorporate the Persian rug design in your living room:

1. Avoid complicated patterns if you have a lot of wall decors

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You don’t want to overdo it, by adding specific patterns while you already have wallpapers and wall decors in the living room. Try to balance between them. It’s always a better idea to match the carpet with the small pillows on your sofa, covers, or chair cushions. Create this contrast, so you can avoid making your room overwhelmingly colorful. As you can see on persianandmodernrugs.com, these rugs are available in modern designs too, so it won’t be very hard to get the authentic quality and compromise for the patterns and colors if they don’t fit in the room.

2. Choose the material that is compatible with everything else in the room

Persian rugs can be made of silk knots, cotton, or specially combed wool. Many people consider the silk ones as the best in the world, since they are easier to maintain, because they don’t catch the dirt deep inside, and it slides easily in the vacuum machine. They can be made in traditional or modern designs, so you really have a chance to make the right choice for yourself. Also, wool and silk models are more durable and easier to maintain than synthetic ones, which can look older in a pretty shorter time compared to natural fabric ones.

3. Use protection caps if you plan to put furniture over them

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This is more practical than decor tip, but you don’t want to spend money on something and damage it in the first month because you put heavy furniture without caps or coasters. They will ease the pressure over the spot and will help you keep your favorite rug completely “healthy” for years. If you move the furniture over it, you risk causing pilling of the fabric, and you don’t want to do that, since you probably paid a lot of money for it.

4. Match the colors nicely

One of the most common mistakes people is doing as they redecorate their homes is failing to match the colors nice and perfectly. You have to plan this thing pretty carefully since the original Persian rugs come with a lot of colors on them. If you want to maintain a single-color scheme using the different tones of the same color, then you should choose a rug that has something that is matching it, or even better, a completely opposite tone, so it can “open” space. Overdoing with the same color can be boring and make your room look dark and old-fashioned, and you don’t want that. If you can’t choose it by yourself, you can always go with help from the sellers or home designers too.

5. Rectangular carpets are always a better choice

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Oval and circle rugs may look fancy, but they aren’t a good fit for the living room. Rectangular models use the space more efficiently, and you don’t risk having “naked” spots in the sitting area. The point of these rugs is to feel the comfort and warmth under your feet, and still have an exceptional piece of furniture that will bring the original feeling of the Orient inside your home. So, when you have a choice, and you want a practical solution, rectangular shapes are better than oval ones, which are better for aesthetic effect.

Now you have a few practical and useful tips on how to fit the original Persian carpets in your current decoration, or after the renovation. Keep in mind that they are a piece of art, and their value is really big, so be responsible with the maintenance and appreciate what you have at home. Also, don’t mind looking for décor ideas on Pinterest – you will find exactly what you need to get inspired.