What Type of Headphones Are Best For Running

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Deciding to live a healthier life with exercise involved always brings forward the need for some equipment. While running, we’d rather subdue the noise around us. For this purpose, headphones and earphones are the best addition to your daily training regime. Of course, the next step is knowing which style of this equipment to buy.

The market for both headphones and earphones is full of various types of products so choosing the one to purchase can become exhausting. The following article will present you with some answers to this question, hopefully assisting you in your next purchase.

Specifications and design

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The thing with headphones and earphones is that their specifications and design are extremely different depending on the model. There’s a variety of aspects one has to consider when purchasing a peripheral. The important things to consider will be laid out below.

Design aspects to look out for

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The design of a device includes any physical aspects that directly impact the comfort, utility, and resilience of the item. The following few design traits are the ones we deem most important for a good experience. The two key types we will be revising here are in-ear earbuds and on-ear headphones as they are the most compatible with running and other workouts.

Wireless nature

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If there’s one specification that has top priority in this branch of audio devices it’s wireless capability. While running with wired devices isn’t impossible you’ll quickly find it annoying. Even with clips that’ll pin the cable to your shirt there’ll be cases where your arms accidentally tug on the wire.

Not only is this annoying and uncomfortable, it can also cause damage to the device which will further impact our experience with it. This is why we suggest picking wireless items for your running needs. As time goes on wireless headphones and earphones become even cheaper, making them affordable even with a tight budget.

It’s even easier to find good deals with the variety of shops available online. They often have a whole section dedicated to audio equipment for the sake of easier purchasing, one such case being ebest.cl.


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Another aspect you need to consider is simple fact of the item’s fit. Everybody has different needs from their audio devices but we will all need the device to stay in our ears during high physical activity.

When it comes to specific types that manage this, in-ear earbuds are the first that come to mind. After all, it is very hard for small buds that are inside of our ears to get popped out. Besides, these items usually come with additional design details that reduce the chance of them falling out.

Of course, some people prefer bulkier designs for their daily activity. For people like that the on-ear headphones exist. They aren’t as good at the whole fitting aspect due to them inherently being looser. However, the special sports models mostly rectify this problem with a tighter fit.


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The physical aspects of earphones go further. The key one being durability. We want to be sure our audio device won’t malfunction after a lot of use or become worn-out. We also want to be sure they can endure any bumps, scratches, or other cases of physical damage without being totaled. Another important aspect of an item’s durability is how well it resists moisture, especially sweat, considering it’ll be experiencing a lot of it during our workouts.

The two types we mentioned before, in-ear earbuds and on-ear headphones, both have a similar experience with this. While there is always some type of water damage prevention the full extent of their water protection is heavily dependent on the quality of their build.

When the build is bad you can’t expect them to last long no matter the amount of care you put into them. This is why it’s suggested you check out some of the higher-rated models or do some research into specific models before purchasing, as this issue goes beyond the headphones type.

Specifications that impact the functionality

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These aspects are shared between in-ear earbuds and on-ear headphones, both being able to excel or fall behind in any of the categories equally. For the sake of discerning which item to buy this section is more fruitful in deciding on the model than the type.

Sound Quality

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The quality of sound also comes as an important note, obviously as that’s the main draw of the item. We want the audio media we are playing to drown out other noises around us. For the sake of  discerning the quality of sound we need to look for models that provide high enough sound pressure levels.

The highs and lows are two other factors of quality. To get a grasp on the overall capability of the device to reproduce highs and lows we should take a look at its frequency response range. It’ll tell us how low and how high the frequencies it can reproduce are, indicated by the hertz values.

Noise isolation

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While good and loud earphones are very useful for canceling outside noise, we still wish to keep the volume at levels that won’t harm our hearing. This is why most high-quality models of headphones and earphones are equipped with varying levels of noise isolation.

Noise isolation of headphones and earphones is yet another specification that should be heavily impactful to our purchase. After all, it improves our experience with the item and makes our workouts more enjoyable.

Battery life

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No matter how good the sound is or how isolated we are from outside noise there’s always going to be that concern of how long the item can last. This is why battery life is so important, especially for running. Running is a longer form of exercise that can take up to few hours depending on our workout regime. It’s assumed we will be outside during this whole time and require the earphones to outlast our workout.

A battery life of at least 5 hours is recommended, as it’s always good to have some extra time in case we decide to go for a light walk back home or redirect ourselves somewhere else while still indulging in some calm music.

The final conclusion

The perfect type to pick still comes down to personal preference. The preferred and suggested choice for the overall utility is in-ear earbuds as they are more compact but can be uncomfortable to some people due to their dislike of the style.

On-head sport headphones are universally comfortable although clunky to carry around.If you’ve space to spare when going outside, like a backpack you always have with yourself, then they can provide you with that unique comfort of earmuffs.

Otherwise, you’d be better off with compact, tiny cases of in-ear earbuds. In conclusion, either can provide you with ample satisfaction for your daily runs, just make sure the one you are purchasing has all the necessary benefits you need.