5 Best Aquarium Test Kit to Keep Water Perfectly Balanced

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If you have just bought an aquarium and it’s your first time keeping fish, you must be overwhelmed by the number of accessories and equipment required to give your fish an appropriate habitat. There are so many products which are not a necessity, but you buy it because it looks nice, or is somehow a little important. If you are a first-timer, it must be difficult for you to differentiate between necessity and luxury.

An Aquarium test kit to measure a few parameters of the water is important for your fish. If you have an aquarium at your home, testing the water is the most important thing to keep your fish in a healthy environment. Many people do not understand or know about the testing kit and which one they should go for.

What is an Aquarium Test Kit?

Aquarium Test Kit is a kit that measures the water in the aquarium on the basis of certain parameters. If you are looking for a good test kit for the aquarium, click here to get the aquarium test kit that is easy to use and best for beginners and experts.

There are different types of tests, such as testing strips, liquid tests, etc., which are used to check out the healthy balance of various macronutrients and micronutrients.

Why Is It Important to Use an Aquarium Test Kit to Measure Aquarium’s Water

It may not seem important at first, but the water quality of your aquarium is the most important thing and is directly proportional to the health of your fish and aquarium plants.

What is the actual work of the Aquarium Test Kit?

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The aquarium water, even if it looks clean but still there may be a number of things lurking inside the aquarium.

Everything in the aquarium is not dangerous. There are different bacteria that cannot be seen with naked eyes and are great for the home aquarium. But, there are mostly unseen unfriendly things that cause harm to your fish life; these are the things the test kits primarily look for.

Let’s look into the best aquarium test kits to keep your aquarium water perfectly balanced.

1. BOSIKE Aquarium Test Stripes

They provide test strips that work for everything. They give results for saltwater aquariums, freshwater, Betta Fish, Tropical, Shrimp, etc. The strips are very easy to read as there is no color bleeding on the strip paper’s fiber. Bosike is also well known for providing their trustable

Ammonia testing kit, which many people rely on for checking their water tanks on a daily basis. It comes with 125 strips and lasts for as long as 2 years, which makes people buy it for long time use.

It is a 6 in 1 testing kit, which is affordable and helps you monitor your aquarium quality without anyone’s help. It checks the Nitrate, pH, Carbonate, total hardness, Nitrite, C12 level at any time.

It is easy and gives the results very quickly. The only work you need to do is to dip a strip into the water for 2 seconds, remove it, wait for 60 seconds, and then compare the strip’s color within 90 seconds with the given color chart.

2. SJ Wave Test Strips With a Thermometer

It is also a 6 in 1 aquarium test strip and is very famous amongst people. SJ Wave test strips are very easy to use and come with a thermometer and an electronic book which has many helpful guidelines and tips to keep your aquarium healthy.

Once you open the packet, this strip has 3 months shelf life. If it is kept in the proper climatic condition, it can last for a long duration.

The SJ Wave test strip is famous for the accuracy it gives, showing the results of the 7 most essential parameters to check the environment of the aquarium; chlorine, pH, carbonate hardness, general hardness, nitrite, nitrate, and temperature.

It takes just a few minutes to check your water and give you accurate results.

3. Runbo Aquarium Test Strips

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This test strips kit is best for the new aquarium owner who doesn’t want to invest a lot into the test kit for the first time. The Runbo strip kit is the most affordable according to the price and gives you the option of subscription.

The whole pack comes with 100 strips and can be used both in saltwater and freshwater. It is suggested and useful for both beginners and experts as it is easy and a quick way to test.

There are proper guidelines given with this product, which makes it all the easier.

You have to learn a lot when you want to check the proper chemical balance in your aquarium, so when you start reading the information, at first, it can feel a little daunting, but once you get with it, you will know how easy it is.

4. JNW Direct Store Fish Tank Test Strips

This is a 9 in 1 Aquarium test strip. The unique selling proposition of the kit, which makes it unique and desirable, is that the kit is linked with an app which makes the recording and calculating of the results easy. This helps you get acquainted with testing your home aquarium. It is also useful as you can track the patterns over a time period.

These strips have more para. They do alkalinity testing, which is very important to keep track of. This also comes with a subscription option.

5. API Test Strips

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This is another great purchase, and this is a 5 in 1 test strip kit. It helps in analyzing the main components, which are important to check from time to time, such as nitrate, nitrite, and carbonate levels of the water.

The API Test strips come with detailed information regarding the reading of all the parameters, also giving you details about the time you should wait to get the reading of each chemical.

If you are a beginner, this step-by-step description is very useful, as they will not feel any complications with the guide provided.

This test strip also works for both saltwater and freshwater, but the criteria of general hardness don’t work in saltwater aquariums.