7 Signs You Need A New Bed ASAP

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Sleeping is maybe the most important part of our day. No matter how successful we are, and how healthy a lifestyle we live, when we don’t get a good night’s sleep, nothing goes well. Our bodies are programmed, together with our brain, to require a deep sleep to get rest. The naps during the day can’t replace the good night’s sleep, which is a long-hour process of recovering from the day, resetting our brain, and improving all the body functions that might get slower before we go to bed. But, sometimes the things don’t go as we planned, and even when you lay down at 10.30 pm, it may happen to stay awake until 2 am, for no reason. You are tired, you want to sleep so bad, but for some reason, you can’t calm down, and close your eyes.

Sometimes, the reason behind that is the excitement from the day, some good or bad things that happened, the excess stress and anxiety, or just some period that is ruining your sleep patterns. But if you can’t recover for a longer period, and every morning you feel like you need a bottle of coffee to boost your energy, maybe you are addressing the issue in the wrong place. Do you know how many people in the world sleep on a bad bed, and use the wrong pillow or mattress? And that’s one of the reasons why you may sleep badly at night too. Maybe you think you like a soft pillow, but, your body needs support even when you calmly sleep. If you see that you sleep terrible, and you wake up more tired than you were yesterday, it’s time to recognize the signs you may have to replace the current bed with a new one.

Surely, that’s an expense, and probably you didn’t have any plans to do that, but at cheapbedsale.co.uk you can find affordable beds. Today you have a large choice, and you don’t have to let the situation go if you see some of these symptoms:

1. You wake up with headaches


This is the nastiest feeling ever! You think you had a nice sleep, but then you wake up and everything hurts, especially the head, and you don’t know why and how. But, you can indeed blame it on your bed. If you are a completely healthy person, without some specific conditions and treatments, then you can be sure the bad bed has something to do with that headache.

2. There is a hole in the middle of it

When the middle part is deep and lower, it’s time to at least replace the mattress. But, before you do that, you have to check if the construction is all good. After that, you can go for your new mattress, and find a comfortable one that provides proper support to the body. If it’s damaged and lowered, the spine can suffer some tiny trauma that may seem small now, but you will be sorry one day when you are older. Also, the average lifespan of one quality mattress is around 10 years, but it surely changes even after a few months of active use.

3. There is a funny smell from the bed

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Some of these things can be fixed with deep chemical cleaning with a proper machine. Since it is specialized for professional use, you will have to look for a cleaning service. But if the smell is still here after that, there is probably something wrong with the fabric and the inside of the bed, and again, you will probably have to replace the mattress, but it’s also a good idea to check the whole construction, and see if there is something that is causing that unpleasant smell.

4. You are tired in the morning

In the mornings, we can be sleepy, but not tired. If you are tired, and it lasts very long, there is a huge problem with your bed. Keep in mind that buying a new one won’t solve the problem immediately, and you will have to adapt to the new mattress, which may cause more pain and tiredness in the first few days, but if you made the right choice, all the things will be back to normal after a while.

5. You prefer the couch instead of your bed


Everything seems and feels more comfortable than your actual bed. If you use the couch for a night’s sleep, and it works better than the sleeping bed, then that’s the right sign you need a new one. Also, if you sleep better at hotels, or at your friends’, then there is a huge issue with your bedroom, and you have to resolve it immediately.

6. Weird sounds come from it

You can’t even breathe without cracking and squeaking sounds. That can be really frustrating, especially if you want to sleep in silence. But, this can happen even when the mattress looks completely fine, and the bed too. But, probably, something is broken or worn out, and even though it provides the needed support, the sound can make you go crazy.

7. Stains that can’t be removed

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No matter how many cleaning services you hired, there are stains that can’t be removed. That can happen because of the mold from the collected moisture, or some microorganisms and bacteria. You can make sure it’s completely disinfected, but if it grows more, and looks disgusting, then it’s time for a change.


No matter what you are doing for a living, your age, your daily habits, and everyday routines, a quality night’s sleep is a must. If you see and recognize some of the signs we mentioned, you probably need at least a new mattress, so you can improve the sleeping. Temporarily, the couch seems like a good solution – you are at your home, and completely comfortable, but it’s not worth it. Every healthy person that maintains a busy life needs a nice sleep at night, and the quality of the bed is crucial for that purpose.