7 Tips to Keep Your Automatic Door Working Smoothly

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Thanks to some brilliant minds, people now use technology every single day. It brings us many benefits and makes our lives more comfortable. However, in this article, we are not going to talk about computers, laptops, smartphones, and other stuff. We will talk about automatic doors!

Why are automatic doors popular for many years? There are a couple of reasons for that. First of all, they are often designed in a way that matches different styles. Despite that, they definitely ensure comfort because people do not have to use their hands. In the end, they are the energy-saving solution, and that is probably the main reason why you can see them on every corner.

Another reason why they are extremely popular is their availability. You can find a bunch of stores such as automatischedeuren24.nl that are offering automatic doors with different designs and features. People can easily find the ones that meet their requirements and expectations when there is a wide range of options.

But, don’t expect they will work forever. If you decide to buy them, you need to maintain your automatic doors properly. That is something we would like to talk about. We prepared a couple of tips to keep your automatic door working smoothly. Let’s go!

1. Pay Attention to Insects

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What do insects have to do with automatic doors? Believe it or not, they are an important factor that can negatively influence your automatic door. These little creatures can, for instance, enter your control box. The transformer inside the control box produces heat that is an amazing attraction for all the bugs.

Solving this problem is possible in two different ways. One way is to seal the entrance. Another option is a bit risky because it requires a mouse poison. Do this only if you are sure there are no kids and pets. It is not the point to hurt someone else just because you want to protect your automation doors.

Another thing you can do is to ensure appropriate pest control. Bugs such as ants and roaches love to get into the control box or inside the sliding door motors. If there are too many of them, they can cause damage.

2. Water Is Your Enemy

Well, we do not know how exactly the entrance looks. However, if it is not properly protected, there is a big chance rain and humidity can harm the quality of your automatic door. Because of that, the control panels often get exposed to water.

Just like we said in the subtitle, water is your enemy. The water often enters through the cable entry and screw holes. Because of that, do whatever it takes to somehow cover these two spots. In that way, you will ensure that water is not your enemy.

3. Regularly Lubricate the Automatic Doors

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Well, there are a couple of reasons why your automatic door is producing some strange sounds. You need to ensure there are no broken parts inside the door. Despite that, it is mandatory to often check all the friction systems. This includes the control of latch, lock, and hinges. The rotation of movements that the door makes can negatively influence these parts, especially if your door is old.

Another thing you should do is to lubricate your door. Of course, the way you will do it depends on the type of automatic door you are using. Despite that, it also depends on the parts it contains. If there are chains, counterweights, and zippers, you need to ensure they are not dry. Because of that, you can use a thin layer of petroleum jelly as a door grease to ensure your door works smoothly. Another thing you can do is to use the latter because it is a long-term solution.

4. So, how often should you grease the door?

Well, you should not have to do that every single day. In that case, the grease can produce jams, and that is something you would definitely want to avoid. Because of that, we recommend you do that at least once in two months because that will be enough.

5. The Area Around the Automatic Door Needs to Be Clean

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Believe it or not, the surrounding area of your door needs to be clean all the time. It doesn’t matter whether you installed the automatic door in your house or you did that at some public place. Dust and garbage are the main problems you need to deal with.

However, the reasons why you are doing that are not the same for swing and sliding doors. When we talk about swing doors, the garbage can accumulate at the part around the hinges. Because of that, your door is not going to close properly. On the other hand, the damage that dust and garbage can make at sliding doors is even more dangerous. The floor guides where the sheets run need to be clean all the time. If you don’t do that actively, the dust will cause jams. In the worst-case scenario, you may have to deal with door derailment. That can bring some additional problems.

6. Take Care of Door Springs

The part that usually experiences damage first is door springs. Logically, they expand every time the doors close. Because of that, it is recommendable you apply oils over time and ensure they keep their tension. If they lose the tension, you won’t manage to adjust them again. That means you will need to buy new ones as a replacement, and that can sometimes be costly.

7. Door Panels Require Control

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Door panels must not contain any dents on the surface. In case they do, all you have to do is to change them. Some people make a mistake and they often replace the complete door. However, doing this on your own is probably risky, especially if you are not familiar with automated doors. Because of that, it would be much better to call professionals to do this part of the job. That won’t cost you a lot, and it will ensure a long-lasting solution.

Final Thought

As you see, you only need to regularly maintain your automatic door and everything else will be okay. If you don’t control all the parts of the door, there is a big chance you will need to invest more money later to repair them. We are sure that is something you would like to avoid.