Why Are Random Number Generators (RNGs) In Online Slot Games Important?

What do you need to know about all online slot games, and how do RNGs play an important role in them? Slot machines have long been the most popular gambling game in any casino, and the advent of online gambling has led to an increase in demand for them.

Now, many people can easily and conveniently access online slot games and immerse themselves in its easy gameplay. In fact, these games can actually allow you to win a solid jackpot without going anywhere.

But do you know what allows these online slot games to be entirely random? It is, in fact, the random number generator for the slot machine that actually takes care of everything and ensures that every spin’s outcome is fair and random.

What is a Random Number Generator aside from How it Functions?


Random Number Generators, otherwise known as RNGs, are software programs used to generate sequences of numbers or terms with no apparent logical connections. Moreover, these strings are as distant from each other as practicable to guarantee that no one may foresee the outcome of each spins.

Online slot games at BetVision88 Casino Online use this RNG software to guarantee that every card deal, slot spin, and dice roll is not just randomized but also free from any manipulation. Although they are quite similar from each other, actually there are two main types of Random Number Generators that exist.

Hardware RNGs

Also known as True Random Number Generators (TRNGs), these are physical devices that create numbers from physical processes that are not simply synthesized. These physical process include clock drifts, air temperature, and atmospheric noise which is, of course, are not inherently predictable.

As a result, TRNGs typically use measuring devices to detect the present value of a naturally happening event. Although Hardware RNGs are highly dependable for producing random numbers, it’s expensive which is why online casinos don’t use it.

Pseudorandom RNGs (PRNGs)

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These are mathematical formulas used in generating number sequences that operate entirely through computers and aren’t genuinely random. Instead, PRNGs create number sequences by following a predetermined process that closely resembles randomness. Secondly, PRNGs create “random” numbers by running a particular mathematical formula.

Then, the processed random numbers obtained from the seed number will be used, which can vary each time. For each equation, the result of one equation is the number used as the seed in the next. Unfortunately, because the seed number can repeat, the sequence must repeat at some point.

Therefore, pseudorandom number generators can only generate a particular number of outcomes. To fix this, the random number generators at online casinos keep running even when no one’s playing a slot game. So, when you start a game, it uses the last number it came up with to decide what happens next.

What’s The Role Of RNGs In Online Slots?

Online slot games Random Number Generators have a major role, in making sure that each spin is completely fair and truly random, without this software hackers will easily manipulate the game in their way.

So, to guarantee that the slot games and the RNG software in one spin are genuinely random, online casinos and slot game developers use the services of 3rd-party testers, such as iTech Labs, GLI, or eCOGRA. Use advanced methods to determine that the RNGs of the online slot games at BetVision88 are giving off truly random results.

How RNG Influence Players Confidence And Trust?

Although Random Number Generators exist to ensure the game is fair and completely random, they also play a significant role in maintaining the trust and confidence of the players. So, everytime you want to play online at BetVision88 Casino,  you can have peace of mind, knowing that the games you’re playing are fair and give you a fair opportunity to win.

Without the random number generators, it would be difficult for online casinos like BetVision88 to assure their players that all their games are fair and random. Thanks to the 3rd party testing company we’ve mentioned earlier, they are here to validate the RNGs of each online slot game and helps online casinos in building trust among their players.

Final Say

As you can see, Random Number Generators in online slots play a great role in ensuring the fairness and randomness of the game, which is very important in this industry.

Although, there are still people who are concerned about the randomness of each game, the advantages of RNGs are much more than their potential drawbacks. If you are trying your luck with the best online slot games today, visit BetVision88 Casino Online today!


Can Online Casinos Control And Manipulate The RNGs To Influence Results?

Not exactly. The RNGs of each casino game play a vital part in its system, so tampering with it might ruin the game. Nonetheless, online casinos can tweak the game’s RTP without tampering with the game’s RNG software in any way.

Do RNGs In Games At Online Casinos Give A Common Pattern?

This is possible. However, do remember that the online casino game’s RNG is always ON and working fast even when you’re not playing the game. Therefore, you are unlikely to see any patterns being repeated. This is because the generator is giving out new outcomes each time you spin the reels.