Moving To Poland: Dreams Of A New Life Take Shape

Poland beckons many people with its close proximity, developed economy, high standard of living and membership in the European Union. But how can you legally move to this country and start a new life? In this article we will detail all the steps necessary to achieve this goal.


1. Determine the purpose of your move:

Before you start the paperwork, it is important to clearly define the purpose for which you want to move to Poland. It could be to work, study, run a business, reunite your family or just want a change of life. The purpose will determine the type of visa you will need.

2. Choose the type of visa:


There are many types of visas to enter Poland, but for long-term residency you will need other documents. They can be issued for work, study, business, family reunification and other purposes.

3. Gather the necessary documents:

The list of documents for visa application may vary depending on the type of visa, but it usually includes:

* A passport

* Photographs

* Medical insurance

* Proof of financial solvency

* A certificate of no criminal record

* Documents confirming the purpose of your relocation (e.g. employment contract, certificate from an educational institution, business plan).

4. Apply for a visa:

You can apply for a visa at the Polish embassy or consulate in your country. You can make an appointment online or by phone.

5. Attend an interview:


After submitting your application, you will be invited for an interview at the embassy or consulate. During the interview you will have to answer questions about your purpose of moving, your future plans in Poland, etc.

6. Get a visa:

If your interview is successful, you will be granted a visa. The validity of the visa is usually 1 year.

7. Move to Poland:

Once you receive your visa, you can buy tickets and move to Poland.

8. Legalisation of stay:

Within 30 days after entering Poland, you will need to register at the Voivodeship Office for Foreigners and obtain a temporary residence card.

9. Integration into Polish society:


In order to successfully integrate into Polish society, it is important to learn the Polish language, familiarise yourself with local culture and traditions, and establish contacts with people.


Moving to another country is always a difficult decision that requires careful preparation.

Do not be afraid to seek help from immigration specialists.

Moving to Poland can be a new chapter in your life, full of opportunities and prospects.

Take the first step towards your dream today!